My Interview With Brandon Vogt…

…author of The Church and New Media, was very spicy. Before I link it, I just thought I’d let everyone know I’m going to be taking a break from blogging until March 26th. This is first of all a lenten penance, for you must know this work soothes my ADHD. Secondly, it’ll give me time to really intake, to inhale Christ for a while, via Thomas Kempis and Louis de Montfort. And finally, I need to be working on _________ which requires 10 times the effort of BadCatholic, at least 50 more people (if any of you guys spill, you’re dead), a great deal of cameras, boom mics, etc., a P.R. committee, and every monastery in the United States interceding for _________. You think I’m joking, but I’m not. Get psyched for the end of the Culture Wars.

So I’ll talk to you in a month! The Interview:

Chesterton popped paradoxes well into his sixties. Tolkien was 62 when he finished The Lord of the Rings. Your writing has drawn comparisons to both men, yet jaws drop when people discover that you’re only 18. How has your age been a blessing and a curse?

My age allows me to address topics in a way that the EWTN world refuses to. It allows me to manipulate powers unfairly granted to teenagers and denied to adults—sarcasm, exaggeration, provocation, and, above all, humor. The virtue of humor is that which will make a man listen, no matter how much he disagrees. (The only time you’re given the license to call another man’s mother fat is when you can make him laugh while doing it.)

Laughter is the great disarmer. No man will listen to you telling him that contraception is sinful, but if it comes as a joke, his heart will be more open to the fact than a year of preaching could ever achieve.



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  • Feeneyja

    FYI…Here is an open letter to Congress and HHS…You don’t speak for all women! Follow the link, read the letter, go to the sign it for yourself tab. Be sure to pass it on.

  • DolceBella

    I’m going to miss you! :(

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    Good interview! Look forward to reading more posts in a month! Be blessed

  • Dave and Liz Allen

    You will be missed! Have a good lent.

  • Siobhan

    I will miss you! Have a blessed Lent, and God bless you.

  • alie

    I’d just like to say that _______ is definitely amazing and I can’t wait for the end of the Culture Wars, because _______ is gonna be THAT big. :)

    • Joe Gehret

      I’m a lil skeptical yet. Unless ___________ magically eradicates human nature, or at least the part of it that was wrecked by original sin, the culture wars will rage on.

      • Montague

        Because haters gonna hate… and all things run their course till the end of this (dis)order comes.

  • Cotte

    Brandon Vogt goes to my church! He’s totally awesome! He’s a pretty excellent public speaker too.

  • Kateri

    Enjoy Thomas a Kempis! He helped me a great deal when I was still not sure if I should convert. I will miss your writing during Lent, but I am very eagerly anticipating the big reveal of whatever it is you have up your sleeves! Have a blessed Lent Marc!

  • Pat

    Thanks for the pic plug, Marc!

  • Bryn

    Marc, I’m a Protestant (forgive me) but you’re writing absolutely amazes and inspires me. Your humor, intellect and perspective are remarkable, especially in light of your youth! Tanks so much for writing and continuing to share your perspective; I share almost every post you write!

  • The Catholic Science Geek

    OH NO! Not you too! Well, I suppose I will have to make do without my BadCatholic fix! May God bless you during this Lent…and especially with your secret project.

  • Danderson

    Just remember, it’s just as much a sin to fast on a feast day as it is to feast on a fast day. I look forward to seeing your Sunday blog posts.

  • liz o.

    I am definitely not 18…and I love your writing. Great interview. Have a blessed Lent.

  • Jane Hartman

    I’m praying for your secret project. God bless…..

  • beckymozart

    Don’t forget the examples of Fr. Eutenuer, Coropi, Pavone, Francis Mary Stone, Christopher West….soaring on the heights of orthodoxy, success, and notoriety – then boom! Just a little temptation or a touch of heresy and it all falls apart and the good done is reversed and then some. I think that’s why God let Mother Teresa suffer inside for so long…it kept the success from going to her head. Hope you’ve got protections in place for yourself.

    • Catherine Seiwert

      I think you might be being a little strong on the likes of at least Fr. Pavone and West. I can see where you are coming from with Coropi (not familiar with the rest). Where has Fr. Pavone and West had heresy or done more harm than their good? Yes, there might have been some news about them, but much of it was misrepresented and blown out of proportion. You’re right though about needing to be careful about getting egotistical.

  • Bridget

    I, too, am following St. Loius de Montfort (in preparation) this Lent, along with a few friends. I will remember you in my prayers in a special way. Your sister in Christ…

  • Brendan McNamara

    Come back! Life is so boring without you!

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    Just post on Sundays not days Monday-saturday, Sunday is a feast day.


    Nice :)

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    Take a break–for Gods sake.
    Very nice blog. I sort of stumbled upon it looking for information on how to repair my Peterson pipe. Haw!

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    I understand the reasons for your break and I do hope it has been a time of spiritual nourishment and refreshment for you, but I am eager for your return to the blogging world as I have been needing my “Bad Catholic” humor fix lately. Come back to us!!! Your March 26th post is much anticipated!