Free Speech…

…is a right granted to aging, hipper-than-thou, pro-choicers — not upstart kids radically opposed to the killing of human beings. After all, the pro-choice movement have the catchier slogans, and they’re really good at philosophy. (Pro-life is a lie! You don’t care if women die!(lol, what?)) Anyways, I got a message in my inbox today from Nathaniel Thomas of Northern Kentucky University’s pro-life group, and I hope you will all spread it around:

Mr. Barnes,

I understand that you are a busy man, but I and my friends are in need of your help. The following explains this situation nicely. If you could do us the honor and favor of getting this out there on your blog (I also intend to contact Al Kresta this afternoon), we would be immensely grateful. I apologize if this all sounds confused or rushed, but I have been out until 3AM repeatedly either talking to the cops or guarding our Pro-life display from further vandalism, so my head is not as clear as it might be. And this takes place on Holy Week, of all weeks….

At my own Northern Kentucky University, the campus pro-life group (Northern Right to Life) currently has a display against Abortion up.

It is an entirely legal and approved display in the correct provided display area.

And yet someone, or some group of people, has decided that it is not okay for us to have such threatening things as baby clothes, red tape, and a sign explaining that 1 out of 4 babies is murdered through abortion.

They have vandalized our display twice in as many days. Both times the damage was done under cover of darkness, with only the eyes of their possible fellow transgressors and God upon them as they went about their criminal business.

Those who shriek the loudest for Freedom and Truth and Fairness are those who are denying myself and my associates the Freedom of Expression, our right to assert what we believe as Truth, and our ability to fairly represent ourselves.

This sort of behavior has been a part of the local environment since the founding of the campus pro-life group, when a certain Professor Sally Jacobson, who was let go on account of her behavior, took her class outside to tear down the crosses in our Cemetery of of Innocents display.

There has not been a year when flyers, crosses, and other displays have not been torn apart or broken. Some of our members have caught people in the act of tearing down our flyers. We have endured despite this, and we shall continue to do so. Though of different creeds, we are united in purpose.

We will not stop until Abortion is dead, or we are, even if it takes our whole lifetime and the lifetimes of those that shall take our place when we pass on. We will take buffets, spitting, and curses….

At your service,

Mr. Nathaniel Thomas Hall

And if I might add a message to the brilliant individuals whose rights are more important than Nathaniel’s — stop. You’re not making any one like you, nor your crumbling cause. May one day all such whackness cease.

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  • Jay Elenion

    This sounds JUST like what happened on the campus of BGSU little more than a week ago. For shame. Funny thing is, they called vandalizing our display “free speech” …Absolutely ludicrous.

    • Joe Gehret

      By that logic, graffiti and destruction of public property is also free speech. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go paint “VOTE PRO LIFE” in big red letters on the Washington Monument…

      • MotherSetonsDaughter

        Wish I could like this more than once!

    • Kevin Stetter

      wow. shows how much i don’t read the comments. ha.

    • musiciangirl591

      so that means that you can vandalize their stuff and call it free speech too! thats what our founding fathers wanted us to do apparently…

  • Gio San Pedro

    Hypocritical bunches are hypocritical.

  • Anonymous

    Thank you for spreading the word Mr. Barnes!

  • Nat

    This has happened at my college as well. It’s good to know there is a recourse.

  • Brian

    Satan’s hand is in this for sure.

  • Alexandra

    That is too bad. I’ve certainly taken down flyers that I disagree with on campus if they are placed illegally, but anything put up through the correct procedure I’ll honor.

    • enness

      Anybody can do that…would you take down flyers you *agree* with if posted illegally?

    • musiciangirl591

      the thing about this is, they were allowed to do it, what gives other people the right to destroy one’s display if its placed legally?

  • Tbress

    I know this also happens at political rallies. The “prochoicers” have gone so far as to either destroy pro-life signs or hide the pro-life signs with the ‘pro-choice’ signs. How silly and childish!
    Ditto for those pro-life displays showing crosses representing the number of aborted babies. These are often vandalized and destroyed.
    So, if those vandalizing think they have the truth, why do they always act out in darkness, and why the need to censor the pro-life message? That speaks volumes!

  • Sailor

    Could they post a watch? Just have each member of the pro-life club, or what have you, stand watch for 2-hour shifts at night. Make sure that the relief comes to the display, or else people could sneak in in between watches. Bring some stuff to study, or pray, or some such thing. It would take work, and waking up in the middle of the night isn’t any fun, but I figure that if neanderthal vandals can be up in the wee hours of the night, so can they.

    • Anonymous

      A watch has indeed been set around the display.

      • Maria J.

        Where are the ROTC (or Knights of Columbus) when you need them? Keep plugging away; They are more tired of victory than we are tired of shame.

  • Rachel

    Same happens at my school, Drake University, in Des Moines. I pray that we can all stand in solidarity to keep defending those who can’t defend themselves.

  • Jennifer Lynn Readnour

    Thanks for posting! As a member of Northern Right To Life, this means a lot to get the word out there…and for anyone interested in a hilarious meme:


    • Anonymous

      Jennifer, they can only see the photos if they’re already FB friends with you. Upload them to photbucket or flickr (or memegenerator) if you want them to spread.

  • Kevin Stetter

    we had similar experiences at BGSU when our Catholic student group hosted a series of por-life events, including a cemetary of the innocent. The UPD, and even students who had no affiliation with our group, helped keep a handle on the vandalism, yet there were protesters as well. once our first big speaking event, a debate about abortion, took place, the protestors went home. the crosses remained up and undisturbed for a day longer, which is plenty of time, in my opinion, for people to see and understand the gravity of the issue.

    may other groups on other campus united in the cause for life be blessed beyond measure as they bring the Gospel of life to where it’s needed the most.

  • Colsonfamily

    do yourself a favor, BadCatholic – and look up WorthlessLoser’s youtube videos of him harassing 40 Days for Life prayer warriors. Thou Shalt be amused and annoyed, I promise.

  • Cjonesnj

    25% of babies are aborted? Would he be able to share his source on that info?

    • Colleen This site is a compendium of statistics about abortion, and includes a list of sources. Some of them are a little dated, but this is the best summary I could find with good, reliable citations, although other sites will give similar numbers.

    • Alexandra

      It’s accurate if you pretend that embryos are babies.

      • Jonathan Augustine Stute

        Well of course embryos are not babies! They aren’t babies like you aren’t a baby. You and a fetus are human persons at different stages of life. You and a fetus share the same basic human rights :D. Thank you for reminding us that embryos are human persons at a different stage of life :D

      • Laura

        You’re right.. what are they again? a potential human life/tissue/alien/parasite/tumor that at some magical and arbitrary point becomes a human being?

        • Tony

          I’d think the most logical point of life comes at conception when a new DNA set is formed. That is the only real point as far as I am concerned that makes logical sense. Picking a random time like birth is a little shaky, premees happen all the time.

      • Barefoot Momma

        Baby is defined as the youngest of a species. So tell me Alexandra, when were you the youngest you’ve ever been? At birth? Gee, what about 1 minute before? Did you not exist?

        • Alexandra

          That isn’t the pro-choice argument. You’re attacking a strawman.

          An embryo isn’t a baby, it’s that simple. Yes 25% of all pregnancies are terminated, but the majority of them are aborting embryos, not fetuses, and certainly not babies.

          And of course I’m glad I’m alive, and know that I was alive before I was born, but I’m more grateful that my mother had the right to choose, and I was born into a world where I had the same options available to me to decide when I would carry a pregnancy to term.

          • Barefoot Momma

            So you are redefining the term baby?

          • Alexandra

            No, that’s something that the anti-abortion movement has tried to do.

          • Sophias_Favorite

            Embryo comes from Greek for “young animal, whelp”. So, basically, “baby”.

            Fetus, meanwhile, has only meant a gestating offspring since the 14th century. Its original meaning was a nursing infant. Or in other words, a baby.

            Both of those, you may notice, are not English words. The only English words for that stage of human development—from zygote to toddlerhood—is baby.

          • Barefoot Momma

            Seriously? Baby – the youngest of a species. That’s an old definition – find an old dictionary and look it up ;-)

          • enness

            You’re grateful your mother could have killed you. That may be what you tell yourself, but I don’t buy it.

          • musiciangirl591

            when someone is pregnant, they don’t say i’m having a fetus, they say what? I’M HAVING A BABY!

  • Deastland

    Vandalism isn’t just the purvue of the Christian and Pro-Lifers.

    My car has been vandalized numerous times by people who don’t like my athiest-themed bumper stickers.

    This isn’t a political or religious issue. It’s a human issue.

    Trying to play the part of a unique victim is pandering of the worst sort.

    • odgie

      You’ve managed to completely miss the point of the post. He is commenting on the irony of the supposed voices of tolerance and free speech doing everything in their power to interfere with the rights of those whom they disagree with.

      • Alexandra

        Marc is attacking a strawman though.

        Is this a free speech group that is vandalizing the display? Unless it is, I don’t know how you can know that these people spend time being vocal about the importance of unobstructed free speech. Liberals aren’t some monolithic group or even a group with dogma like the Church.

        • odgie

          Why did they attack the display? Why not set up their own display to send a counter-message? Isn’t that supposed to be what discourse is about? Especially on the campus of a university?

          And to this statement, “Liberals aren’t some monolithic group or even a group with dogma like the Church.” my reply is: nonsense. Being pro-choice is the shibboleth of all good liberals and any dissension gets one dismissed as a misogynist or right-winger.

          • Alexandra

            That’s an entirely ridiculous statement, but let’s go with it.

            If you’re defining being a liberal as being pro-chioce, does that mean that only these pr0-choice liberals automatically value free speech? And if you’re a fake liberal because you’re anti-choice, that means you don’t value free speech?

            Because there are liberal people who do not value free speech for all. Or are they also not liberals?

            These people we’re talking about here don’t value free speech for all. So are they not really liberals?

            Moreover, not all speech is protected by free speech. Hate speech is not, and someone who is pr0-choice might take the position that this display was hate speech. Taking it down does sponsor discourse, and sends a very clear message about their values.

            It’s not a tactic I would take, but it’s not entirely without logic, unlike your no-true-Scotsman argument about liberals.

          • odgie

            I don’t define liberalism as pro-choice. I do say that anyone who claims to be liberal but would interfere with the expression of those they disagree with is not a liberal by any reasonable standard. If you consider expecting a self-described liberal to respect the rights of those who disagree with them to be a no-true-scotsman argument, I recommend this link:


            As to this statement: “someone who is pr0-choice might take the position that this display was hate speech,” only if their definition of hate speech is “speech I disagree with”. This is the height of childishness.

            Your statement about liberals not having dogma is demonstrably false. Abortion is part and parcel of their dogma along with pretenses to free expression.

            If you doubt this, look up Nat Hentoff sometime. He’s a writer for the VILLAGE VOICE, an agnostic liberal, and pro-life. See how tolerant his “liberal” colleagues and peers were after he made his feelings about abortion known.

            Now, it’s Easter, and I have better things to do.

        • Gkcgirl

          If you follow the link you will see that this woman justified her and her students actions as free speech.

  • Therese Jodoin

    Dear Nathaniel (and everyone who is fighting this battle with you),
    Thank you. Sincerely. It is truly unfortunate that people who oppose these ideas insist on reacting so viciously.

    Be assured of my prayers. You’re doing great things for the world, and great things for the love of Christ too.
    Stay strong. <3

  • Nls

    “My son, when you come to serve the LORD, prepare yourself for trials.
    Be sincere of heart and steadfast, undisturbed in time of adversity.
    Cling to him, forsake him not; thus will your …future be great.
    Accept whatever befalls you, in crushing misfortune be patient;
    For in fire gold is tested, and worthy men in the crucible of humiliation. **!!!
    Trust God and he will help you; make straight your ways and hope in him.” Sirach 2:1-6

    thank you for standing up for the Truth! you are not alone.

  • Ben

    Part of this battle is using secular arguments in a clear, concise manner. I equate pro-choice to a moral “blind-spot.” Click my name in interested.

  • Carl Philipp Gaebler

    John C Wright has posted a sequel. Apparently they set out a watch and caught some vandals, although the ones they caught appear to have been acting independently from the original vandals…

  • GKStudent

    Freedom of Speech is worth saving even if it is used wrongly and abused. What I’ve noticed as the pandemic of U.S. History is this. From Puritanism to out-lawing alcohol, once something is abused it must be done away with. Both (the abusing and doing away with) are anti-Christian sentiments. Christ came to save the world and not to condemn it. God so loved the world he gave up his only begotten son for salvation of the world. So, the bottom line is, liberal types abuse it and foster the attitude for conservative types to do away with it.

    Worse more, it’s also anti to and contary to Chesterton who oftened mentioned saving, restoring, fixing, and mending things that ought be saved (which is what the very idea of conservatism is.) However, the current trend is to do away with everything that has gone wrong. The gist and theme seem to follow the skepticism brought into the culture through Murphy’s law: anything can go wrong will go wrong. Therefore, you have Murphy-ites who live this credence out by doing things wrongly since all things are going wrong, and Murphy-ites who will do away with a thing because it has been wrongly done.

    Not only is this pharisaic quakery. It is the idea of cutting of every bad part of the body off to save what’s left but never salvaging anything. You could call it a vegatative nuttery.

  • Laura

    oh Nathaniel! I know it must be very frustrating but don’t let them get to you. You are doing what you are supossed to and that is all that matters. You are getting to them, maybe one day they’ll reflect on why they are acting like that and discover how wrong they are.

  • Gail Finke

    Thought you might like to see our coverage of this story. We will have another story tomorrow.

  • Rey Guevara

    At UTSA (University of Texas, San Antonio) we have the same problem with our bulletin board. Just today our president told me that our board had been ripped down again. I think this is the fourth time this semester. Persevere.

  • Colleen

    How truly sad. A group of left-wing nutjobs to balance all of the right-wing nutjobs.

  • musiciangirl591

    this happened last year at my college too! the police did nothing, the administration did nothing, and the vandals went free, never identified…

  • Aman

    Please do not refer to the pro abortionists as pro choice. They are anti choice.