Imagine Sisters

Some awesomeness you should all be aware of:

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From their Facebook page (which I will mail you some bacon for liking): “Imagine Sisters is a web and campus-based movement that aims to inspire the imaginations of young women to consider the beautiful call to consecrated life as a sister.”

Given that a) nuns are awesome, b) this seems to me to be the first comprehensive, web-based promotion of the female religious life and c) nuns are awesome, you should all share this with your family, friends, church, schools, etc. Let’s get these sisters to every campus in the U.S.

  • Patrick Hoelscher

    I liked it. where’s my bacon?

    • Patheos

      He’s not known as bad catholic for nothin’.

      • Angelo Ocampo

        Where’s mah bacon, brah? XD
        *had liked it*

  • Laura B B

    Yeah, what Patrick said. Plus I shared, and I told them you would mail them bacon also. What a great idea!

  • Paco

    I liked the page, bacon please!

  • Yogibier

    Ok, done

    When does the bacon reach Germany?

  • Prplcatz58

    As a future nun, I approve this message.

  • Jay E.

    NUNS ARE AWESOME!!!!! Send me da bacon.

  • Amanda

    Yay Nuns! I actually spent the weekend with the two Dominican Sisters (Mary, Mother of the Eucharist) and the young woman who spoke first in the video was also on the retreat. So amazing!

  • meg

    Coincidentally, I was eating bacon when I read this post, no joke! I almost had bacon come out my nose when I read that! I liked their page, but I don’t need anymore bacon, so you can send my bacon to someone else who really wants bacon. Also, I wanted to see how many times I could write bacon in this comment. Bacon. P.S.-Those nuns are flippin’ beautiful, and that is an awesome video.

  • Nick

    If all of the sisters were like this the Vatican wouldn’t need to monitor all that they do! That was a great video.

  • eliberaus

    There is simply no end to their awesomeness!

  • Hammer

    I know the young woman in the beginning! She is pretty awesome!

  • Lisa Schluttenhofer

    Lord willing, the Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist (in the white) are my future community! Please pray for them, for all Sisters, and for those discerning!

    • Beatrice

      Congratulations! They are the nicest sisters! I know two from my University. They are such a beautiful community. I will definitely be praying for you!

  • The Recovered Catholic

    This was beautiful and really brought tears to my eyes. As a new Catholic, I can finally understand the appeal behind entering religious life. To focus so intently on God, in such a deliberate way sounds so amazing. Alas, I am a married mother of two, so I shall find ways to focus on God between laundry and diapers! :)

  • Jennifer Tatum

    Alright, liked, though I vaguely think the bacon is a lie….

    I wish there were more religious out and about in my childhood, perhaps I might have viewed them less as intimidating scary people, and more as just people living out the Catholic life in a different way.

  • Safia Siora

    I love it! I’ll be entering the Dominican monastery (contemplatives!) in Summit, New Jersey — Monastery of Our Lady of the Rosary — in Spring 2013, if God so wills it. I second: As a future nun, I approve this message.

    • Pamela

      I have a friend who just professed for the first time. I’ve witnessed nothing but joy in her writings since she’s been there. No matter the struggles and adversities she faces or in the uncertainties and humility of expectations, set by both sides, she still emanates a sense of shalom in her writings.
      I wish you the very best in your own personal journey!

  • Jessie Houck

    bacon please!

  • Mark Marquette

    Nuns are amazing. They have my respect in a way that is unique unto itself. They are Nuns!
    God bless.

  • Redwallabbey

    (snarky comment font) Is this a effort of the LCWR reform?

    • Kelsey Porada

      It’s not. :-) This was in the works long before the LCWR reform broke headlines. We just know what it’s like to feel a distinct call from the Lord, think, “What?! Why am I thinking about nuns?!” and then to realize that young girls all over are feeling the exact same. Now we’re here to start a conversation among young Catholic women about Sisterhood–a vocation which for a long time was rarely talked about. Love and graces to all!

  • Mark

    My bacon may be sent to Mark Baumgarten, Pontifical North American College, Rome.

  • Joseph Mendes

    I liked the page. Gimme mah bacon.

  • Yogibier

    C´mon, you don´t really be want to be found lying about bacon????


  • Scott Mastel

    This video’s fantastic. The average Catholic needs to have more contact with the consecrated religious. These brides of Christ are so joyful!

  • Tara

    The first nun at the beginning of the video (and @2:35) is Sr. Joseph Andrew. I first met her when she and another sister came to visit my college (NDSU) for bisonCatholic week. Sr. Joesph’s talk was so amazing that me and a few friends (I actually met my best friend on this trip) went on a Discernment Retreat at the Mary, Mother of the Eucharist Mother House earlier this year. Almost all of the girls had a chance to talk with St. Joseph Andrew privately (me included) and she is one of the nicest ladies you will ever meet. Sister has this amazing ability to know what you’re called to do in life. Will she always know? Of course not, but, ladies, if you ever get a chance to visit these nuns, do so. Even if you’re absolutely certain that you’re called to the married life, go, because it was an amazing learning experience.

    • Tara

      That weird (and @2) is supposed to be: @ 2:35 of the video. :P

  • Hannah

    I am very much Protestant, and right now I am very much wishing I were not. If I ever become Catholic, I’m going straight to a convent.