Ritual or Death

Hello everyone! I’m writing for the Steubenville conferences.

When a man first begins to work out, he usually does so in a burst of enthusiasm. He envisions his ideal weight and future health. He buys new shoes and a barrel of protein-powder with a man who looks like a Transformer grimacing on its label. In short, he gets pumped. But if his enthusiasm isn’t followed by ritual — by a well-kept routine of stretching, running, and lifting — he’ll cease working out.

Similarly, upon first falling in love, couples surge with enthusiasm for each other, with dopamine highs and and the immense desire to never be apart. (This is often referred to by their friends as the unbelievably-annoying stage.) But if this enthusiasm is not followed by ritual, captured and solidified in the day-to-day routine of communication, touch, gift, encouragement and sacrifice — from flowers, to phone-calls and favors — their love will fail.

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