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Tim Tebow – Full of Crap?

I have a terrible habit of writing about atheists. Every time I indulge it, the main response I get from my atheist/nontheist/bright/agnostic/agnostic-atheist/post-Christian/secular humanist brothers and sisters is not any rebuttal of argument -- that would just be crude -- but the complaint "these aren't real atheists. Real atheists are much kinder, less judgmental etc. etc. You're attacking a strawman."All things considered, I freely admit the complaint may be valid. But the sad reality is … [Read more...]

How Descartes Ruined Sex

This is a fantastic moment to be a teenage boy. Briefly recalling your freshman year of college, your inability to attract women, and that awkward moment when you realized you had no talents the world would pay you for, you may do well to ask: Why? Because you can be on your parent's health care coverage until you're 26? Because the world is ending, and in a moment of dire emergency a man and a woman are given leave to confirm the sacrament of marriage upon each other, with the hope that a … [Read more...]

Hiding The Poor

Christ famously said, in somewhat of a backhand slap at social organizers, philanthropists, eugenicists and the like, that "the poor you will always have with you." Here in the peachy keen United States, the wealthy have the misfortune of being both entirely aware and entirely ignorant of the reality of Christ's words. We are entirely aware of the numbers. Our media keeps us splendidly informed of the unemployment rate, the crime rate, the fact that 58.5% of Americans will spend at least one … [Read more...]

Your Weekly Fix of Great Catholic Art

A new, unreleased song from the Catholic-in-all-but-religion (a trifle, really) Mumford & Sons. Love it, be happy, and thank God for good music.If you're interested: Amazing Grace and Come Thou Font of Every Blessing.  … [Read more...]

How (And Why) To Smoke a Pipe

I hated tobacco. I could have almost lent my support to any institution that had for its object the putting of tobacco smokers to death...I now feel that smoking in moderation is a comfortable and laudable practice, and is productive of good. There is no more harm in a pipe than in a cup of tea. You may poison yourself by drinking too much green tea, and kill yourself by eating too many beefsteaks. For my part, I consider that tobacco, in moderation, is a sweetener and equalizer of the temper. - … [Read more...]

If God Was Real, He’d Prove Himself To Atheists!

Atheists tend to whine (about miracles). They happen too often and not nearly enough. They are far too small and insignificant -- like stigmata -- and far too cosmic and looming -- like the existence of the Universe. They have the annoying habit, as Hitchens pointed out, of largely happening to Catholics. They disdain to take place in climate-controlled, clinical studies, and in general, behave with total disregard for the atheist's feelings.We've all heard the complaint. Perhaps we've made … [Read more...]

Depressed? Bitter? Wake Up Every Morning Hating The Universe?

Well here you are:  … [Read more...]

5 More Things No One Knows Are Ridiculously Catholic, But Should

A mild follow-up to the unbelievably spicy 5 Things No One Knows Are Ridiculously Catholic, But Should. I'm beginning to develop the belief that you could give me just about anything at all and I could link it to the Holy Roman Catholic Church. And yes, that's a combox challenge. Up, up and away then:1. Chief Sitting BullSomewhere in the bowels of a stoner apparel store, on the clothing rack next to the incense sticks, between a Rage Against the Machine T-Shirt and "Legalize It" hoodie, … [Read more...]

Reverent Rebellion

There is an assumption the super-hip-liberated man makes upon exposure to Catholic prayer, an assumption I am altogether too familiar with. He sees the kneeling, the folded hands, the bowing, and the posture and thinks -- if he is a super-liberated-heathen -- "Rebel! Stop cowering and sniveling before your deity! Have you no pride?" and if he is a super-liberated-Christian -- "God is love! Stop cowering! He doesn't care about your posture, or your clothes, he wants a personal relationship with y … [Read more...]