The Transformation

It's a moment of incredible beauty; the realization that Narnia is the real thing after all, and that what we call normality is merely a World Between the Worlds, a haze of indifference, apathy and dulled senses that keep us from seeing things As They Are; capitalized and burning with symbolism, evidence of things not seen.Every tree is a prophecy, it's leaves signal fires of things to come. Every blade of grass stands tall to praise it's Creator, and every field is more than a field; it is … [Read more...]

Our Badass Faith

I'm sure you folks have already had a gander at this 'un, but have a good ol' God-It's-Sweet-That-I'm-Catholic moment on me:I maintain that, besides inventing the university system, modern agriculture, preserving intellectualism, creating the Scientific Method, The Enlightenment, uniting a nation, halting the Muslim takeover of the world, and building a few cool churches along the way (etcetera ad infinitum), Christianity invented Badassery, a word I long to be included into the modern … [Read more...]

Atheists and The Great Quest for Truth #1

In this life, we cannot ever fully know Truth. This is tough for me to say, as I am in the habit of defending the existence of objective truth so zealously that even the slightest hint of relativism will have me piling wood and straw. (For a fantastically interesting debate on whether it is alright and dandy to burn heretics go here.)But seriously, it shouldn't be news to Catholics that we cannot know the Truth. The Catholic Church itself states that it - the Church - is merely the fullest … [Read more...]

Stop Saying “I Feel Like”

So I had planned to talk about the forces in the world that make it difficult to be a man, and give my own logical and well-planned thoughts on how to overcome them. Then I saw this, and realized it's already been covered.So, on to other business.We are not decisive. As a country, as a time, as individuals and as a people, one of our biggest, most idiotic flaws is our inability to choose a path and take it. This, by the way, is far worse than being on the completely wrong path. … [Read more...]

I Am Held

We love to talk about our relationship with God. That's usually great. Here's where it's stupid.First is the insinuation that things need to be at some working equilibrium for interaction to ensue. I begin to realize that God doesn't give a crap whether you think you're in a relationship with Him.He's pursuing you anyways. I was in my room, minding my own business and downloading hip-hop loops from the internet when a version of Pie Jesu comes on my headphones. I began to weep. The Holy Spirit … [Read more...]

Cliches are Stupid

Guess who's posting when he should be doing homework? I am who is. Why? Hey, great question.  Because sharing half-formed thoughts with the bunch of miserable wrecks who follow this site is more important than my future. Actually, the Church teaches that the most important moments in a Christian's life are the present and his time of death. So maybe I'm on to something.Anyhow, number one. (I'm in a numbering mood. If I met you on the street I'd rate you out of ten.)We Christians have a … [Read more...]

I get annoyed that the most beautiful, meaningful songs are Christmas songs, and these Christmas songs are either so banally played and overplayed that they lose their lyrical splendor, or, when there is an attempt to make them relevant, they become Metallica-Rock-Orchestra Jams, usually without lyrics. … [Read more...]

Where is God? (clue – it’s edible)

Ain't that the question? We hear it asked in the obligatory religious/existential/identity crisis episode of just about any TV series, usually spewed by some stupid, emotional minor character who ends up settling for some vague, silly form of religion. We hear it asked by children and adults alike, only children have the sense to ask the real question, while adults waffle, asking things like "What is the higher purpose of my life?" or "how can I be happy?" Every now and then we hear it asked … [Read more...]

Live Like a Martyr

The one real key ideological difference between a Muslim and a Christian is that the former may kill himself to be a martyr while the latter must be killed by some one else. In this lies the great truth of Christianity; that man cannot reach God by his actions, no matter how drastic they may be. God reaches us.Interestingly, the term "martyr" did not always mean what it does to us now. Biblically, it was used to mean witnesses to the faith who risked death, and were willing to die for their f … [Read more...]

Dear Protestants #2 – Why We Should Fight

It doesn't help that it's incoherent, either. Really? The long withstanding hatred between peace and women needs to be resolved? And "The Bab" are major players all the sudden?In this pristine and relativistic world, the hardest part of any decent fight is starting a decent fight. Specifically in terms of religion, we are taught that argument shouldn't happen at all, that it's bad taste to believe you are right. Haven't you seen those cute little bumper stickers demanding that we … [Read more...]