7 Quick Takes Friday


Last night the Ogre worked late, so I thought I would surprise him by doing the budget for the month BY MYSELF.

This is huge for me, by the way. I have trouble with things involving numbers. I have to use my fingers to add and subtract. Math is hard.


Luckily I remembered that calculators exist, and spent the evening virtuously (not to mention selflessly) working on the budget for the month. By the time the Ogre got home it was all done, checks were written and waiting to be mailed, payments were scheduled, savings were allocated, and I was like


Seriously, I was so pleased with myself. This morning I woke up feeling like death on a stick because of Florida’s evil all-the-seasonals-allergies-from-hell, but when I was in the shower I remembered how much I had put the hurt on the budget and I was all


The satisfaction of seeing all those happy checks lined up and knowing that the Ogre wouldn’t have to worry about the budget for a whole month made me feel like a rock star.

Till I realized that an expected and kind of substantial check was MIA, and might be MIA for a few weeks. Then I was like


So I pulled out the budget to re-do it, but quickly realized that the only way to re-do would be to tear up all those checks and reschedule the payments and not buy anything unnecessary at the grocery store. Like, no steak, or ice cream, or chocolate, or wine.


I made myself re-read my post from yesterday and managed to face the day with a reasonable amount of cheerfulness anyway, though. For a little while. Until it really hit me that no chocolate or wine.


That was going to be the end of my quick takes, but the Ogre literally just now called to tell me that he got the check. I feel like I should be all

but I’m either too worn out by the allergies, the math, or the pendulum my emotions were swinging on all day to do anything but

Thank goodness it’s Friday.

Happy weekend, y’all. Go see Jen for more quick takes.

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