The Eye of the Storm

We spent the weekend battling a hurricane. The Ogre keeps correcting me and insisting that it’s a “tropical storm” and that we’re not exactly battling it seeing as it’s over 100 miles north of us. I keep pointing out the window and saying, “Um, hello? Do you see the sheets of rain flying parallel to [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Saturday!

#7   I’m a day late and a dollar short, as usual. At least I’m keeping it consistent. Remember those posts I wrote a while back about how my hair has declared war on me since we moved to the State of Dreadful Humidity? Way back then, KT left a comment in a my combox [Read More...]

Prayers for BabyUnseen!

Dwija‘s facebook page informed me when I woke up that she had called the midwife in the wee hours of the morning. Her tapered-off and eventually halted Twitter feed informs me that labor is getting real at HouseUnseen. Will you please take a moment and say a prayer for the safe delivery of BabyUnseen, and [Read More...]

Panties, Untwisted

Those of you who like bios and stuff can just go ahead and click over to my About Me page, but I’m a former English major and I like stories. So here we go. Once upon a time, I was a brand-spanking-new convert who found myself yanked out of my Catholic cocoon in Irving, Texas [Read More...]

A Cross to Bear

When I was going through RCIA, the Church celebrated a welcome rite. It wasn’t the actual conversion, just a rite of welcome at a Sunday morning Mass for those of us planning to enter the Church at Easter. In the rite, the priest asked each of us what we would ask of the Church. I [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

#7 Yesterday I took the advice of my good friend, bit the bullet, and went back to see my doctor (who I had been affectionately referring to as “Doctor Doom” in my head) instead of running away like the little girl I am.  I dislike confrontation, particularly with doctors. Doctors intimidate me. I’ve only had [Read More...]


In case you don’t frequent Patheos (I’m looking at you, LarryD!) you might not have seen that one of my posts was featured there over the weekend. Personally I love Patheos and was thrilled to be asked to post there, so if you are so inclined, go check it out! In other news, the Pioneer [Read More...]

I Suck at Suffering

The rest of us whine about it I was hoping to make it through this pregnancy without those horrible migraines I had with my first and third pregnancies. Things looked good for a while, too; I started getting the migraines at about twenty weeks with Liam, and until yesterday I had made it to just [Read More...]

Political Campaigning

I tallied up the votes from my last quick takes, and the black and white photo won by a huge majority. So that’s the one that’s going up. Thanks for voting, y’all! Now, on to more important business, also related to voting.  I hate election season. I hate politics, period, even though I read Drudge [Read More...]


I’ve got a case of the Tuesday blahs, which I’m sure is being caused by the perpetually overcast Florida summer sky. I have SAD, therefore clouds make me sad. And grumpy. Nevertheless, one of my children did manage to make me crack a smile and an almost-laugh today when I was perusing Pinterest (because what [Read More...]