I Suck at Suffering

The rest of us whine about it I was hoping to make it through this pregnancy without those horrible migraines I had with my first and third pregnancies. Things looked good for a while, too; I started getting the migraines at about twenty weeks with Liam, and until yesterday I had made it to just [Read More...]

Political Campaigning

I tallied up the votes from my last quick takes, and the black and white photo won by a huge majority. So that’s the one that’s going up. Thanks for voting, y’all! Now, on to more important business, also related to voting.  I hate election season. I hate politics, period, even though I read Drudge [Read More...]


I’ve got a case of the Tuesday blahs, which I’m sure is being caused by the perpetually overcast Florida summer sky. I have SAD, therefore clouds make me sad. And grumpy. Nevertheless, one of my children did manage to make me crack a smile and an almost-laugh today when I was perusing Pinterest (because what [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

#7 Teehee Lately I’ve been having an existential crisis over my About Me page. (I know, could I get any more navel-gazing? If you’re thinking not, brace yourself for the next paragraph…s.) See, I have two family pictures I can use for that page. One is a pretty good picture of everyone in my family [Read More...]

Adventures in Swearing Sewing

Well, I’ll be going to confession this weekend. Yesterday I learned two important things about myself. First, I am not utterly hopeless and bereft when it comes to all household arts aside from cooking. Second, that creative bastion of colorful swear words that I gleefully collected in college was in fact not eradicated from my [Read More...]

Memorial Day and the Zombie Apocalypse

Memorial Day always makes me sad. I see the way my friends and family talk about our soldiers and respect this day when we remember those who made the ultimate sacrifice, and I am sure that there is still goodness in America, that all those things that made America great have not been lost. Then [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday

#7 So doing this next Halloween I know I promised to be back, but about ten minutes after I hit publish I heard a desperate whine from the bathroom. I ran in just in time to see Sienna standing in front of the toilet, hear her say “Mommy, I feel like I’m going to be [Read More...]

Check It

Really, this is how I feel about having finally updated that over-a-year-old page  I finally updated my About Me page! I’m not a big fan of the family picture since I have a goofy weird laugh/smile on my face, but I’m happy to have updated pictures and blurbs…even if I did have to do it [Read More...]


We’ve been a little distracted this past week with a ballet recital, a visit from my sister, a trip to the beach, an exciting sonogram, and shiny objects. I’ve missed the internet, though, particularly the great discussion that sprang up in my combox on my last post! I’ve been really interested to hear the differing [Read More...]

Violence, Children, and History

The most common parenting issue I find myself disagreeing with friends and family about is whether or not children should be exposed to anything violent. We let our daughters, 3 and 6, watch the animated Justice League movies. One of our favorite family films is Miyazaki’s Spirited Away, which is both violent and, in the [Read More...]