The Long Road

I’m not a huge fan of Mark Shea, the Patheos blogger. I don’t agree with his “seamless garment” theory of social justice, and I despise the vitriol with which he lashes out at those who disagree with him. So when I read this piece by him last night, I was shocked to find that underneath [Read More...]

Homeschooling Miscellania

As we’ve been working through the first year of homeschooling, I’ve started to keep mental notes about things I like and dislike about the curricula we’ve been using. I thought I’d post a few of those things here, in case anyone else is considering the materials we’re using or is incredibly bored and wants to [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Saturday

#7 I know, I’m late again. You can blame Ignitum Today and their symposium on mercy and killing, for which I spent all of yesterday afternoon writing a post. Actually, I spent all of yesterday afternoon writing snippets of a post in between dealing with unbelievably needy children.    Anyway, here it is, if you [Read More...]


I find myself distracted, unfocused and suffering from a headache today. I’m making no headway on my as-yet-non-post for Ignitum Today, so I’m just going with the distraction in the hopes that it will inspire some sort of creative something. Welcome to my brain, unedited. Yesterday I made homemade pop-tarts. I was very disappointed because [Read More...]

The Super Suckage of NFP

*Like any post about NFP, you might encounter terrifying words like “cervix”, “mucus” and “vagina” should you choose to continue reading. Fair warning. Let’s talk about NFP, and how it sucks. Image via the wonderful Katie I know, I can hear the furious clicking as my faithful followers abandon my blog in droves. But look, [Read More...]

Why I Haven’t Blogged in a Week

Be back tomorrow. I promise.  In the meantime, check out Ignitum Today’s symposium on mercy killing and euthanasia. This subject arose after some interesting emails among the contributors, and I think it will be a fascinating symposium. I’m scheduled to contribute on Thursday, so I’ve been preparing myself by watching educational videos such as Logan’s [Read More...]

A Bad Case of the Mondays

We made it to the beach yesterday and spent a fabulous four hours swimming, building sand castles, collecting shells and forcing screaming toddlers to get in the water whether they wanted to or not. (We’re cruel that way.) As a direct result of all that fun, though, today has been an epic day of whiny, [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

#7 It’s Friday! It’s Friday AND the Ogre has finally managed to catch up enough with his writing, grading, class-prepping, and general professorial preoccupations to join us for a family day at the beach on Sunday! I’m super excited. I love the beach. Also, I’m scary pale and need some color.  #6 So this morning [Read More...]

Questionably Appropriate Tales from Wacky-Hormone-Land

The old header on my blog…via Baby Gaga Pregnancy makes us women crazy. We do weird and inexplicable things when we’re pregnant, things that don’t even make sense to us. Last night, I decided that 4:16 a.m. was a perfectly reasonable time to wake my husband up for some boot knockin’. He didn’t object, obviously, [Read More...]

3 1/2 Time-Outs Tuesday

1 So I have set a goal for this post-Easter week, and it’s a terrible, terrible goal that I want neither to set nor meet, but unfortunately I must do both for the good of my family, and it’s making me cranky.  I am going to set a schedule…not just a daily schedule, although that’s [Read More...]