Some Medicine is Life-Saving

 Warning: The following is a rant. Other medicine is not. Last night I got in bed at 10:00. I said some prayers, sitting up occasionally, trying to breathe in between “Our Fathers”. Finally I gave up on sleeping and arranged a million pillows behind me, opened my book in front of me, and tried to [Read More...]

Say Some Prayers with Me?

Andrew and Cristina I meant to post about this a few days ago. Two of my fellow contributors at Ignitum Today, Andrew and Cristina, are newly married, newly pregnant, and facing some pretty tough times. Their unborn daughter, Maria Isabella, has spina bifida. They were approved for the in-utero surgery developed by doctors at the [Read More...]

An Oppressed Catholic Woman Shops for a Bra

On Sunday, the girls and I took an afternoon trip into Naples. I desperately needed some new bras and the Ogre, who was tired of my $10.99 Target bras falling apart every few months, insisted that I go to Nordstrom’s and be properly fitted (which I have never been) and get some high-quality brassieres. (When [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Saturday…Again

#7 I swear this isn’t going to become a thing. I promise to not become so navel-gazing during the duration of this, my fourth pregnancy, that I only blog once a week and even then it’s a day late.  Actually, this past week was Ave Maria’s spring break and my in-laws came to visit, so [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Saturday!

Better late than never, right? #7 Yesterday I went down the street to have a play date with a neighbor. We were outside swinging the kids (people have backyards here! With swing sets!) and talking for a while. She kept mentioning people and asking if I knew them, and after about the fourth “no, er, [Read More...]

Catholic Education Symposium

I finally got my contribution to the Catholic Education Symposium up at Ignitum Today. It’s a day late and probably a dollar short, but it’s there! Go check it out if you feel so inclined! [Read more...]

What’s Under Your Bra?

Yes, those are goldfish. I wanted to start this post on a mature note. This is probably going to offend someone, but I can’t help it. I hate the word breasts. I sat down tonight to write a post about how today, for the third fourth fifth time in a row one of my neighbors [Read More...]

Gratuitous Pictures

Sorry for the silencio this week. My parents came for a visit, which was awesome, and then Charlotte and the Ogre came down with the flu, which was not awesome. So let’s focus on the former, yeah? We had ice cream at the Bean, dinner at the Pub, went to the beach, hung out with [Read More...]

I Bow Before the Porcelain God…

…pretty much every day now. In July of 2010, when I started this blog, I was indeed both pregnant and barefoot. But since August 11 of 2010, I haven’t been. I am now. Again. And let me tell you, I don’t know how I survive first trimesters. The first trimester, for me, is never a [Read More...]


[Read more...]