7 Some Kind of Takes Friday

Yeah, these are supposed to be quick, but I’m feeling sluggish and under the influence of a crappy week and strong martinis. So I make no promises about what is to follow. #7 I Miss My Ogre Yesterday was…well, it was shit, incarnate. I know I don’t often just come out and swear boldly on [Read More...]

Panis Angelicus and Angela (Re-run)

Remember that last re-run I was going to put up on Sunday? Here it is, a day late and a dollar short. Sorry, again. But I hope you enjoy it. See you later this week! *** This Lent has been difficult. I’ve seen that on lots of blogs, actually. I don’t know what’s going on [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Saturday!

So the week is drawing to a close, and once again all my good intentions from Monday went up like smoke in the wind by Saturday. This time it wasn’t entirely my fault, though. I spent Tuesday through Thursday at my parent’s house, where my dad’s Mac declared war against me and refused to let [Read More...]

First Post at Virtuous Pla.net!

I put my first post up at Virtuous Pla.net today. It’s not big, just a short introductory post, and is nothing that you guys don’t already know. But in the interest of solidarity, check it out, won’t you? Also, stay and click around a little. That site is absolutely amazing, and is being flooded with [Read More...]

Re-Run Week Day #2: Let Me Count the Ways

Day 2 of Re-run Week! This post is one I wrote just after Thanksgiving of last year. It still remains one of my most difficult posts, both to write and to read over, yet also one of the ones that I feel the most honest about.  *** Last week, Simcha wrote a post about grace coming in increments. The [Read More...]

The Struggle (Day 1 of Re-run Week)

I haven’t had much time to post lately, and I won’t have much to post next week either, so I stole borrowed an idea from Bearing and decided to give you a week of re-runs. Since my blog is now a little over a year old, I figured I probably have enough material to get away with this. I [Read More...]

Playing Favorites

Since I began blogging, I keep waiting for another (more honest) mother to write about this one subject that has plagued me since the birth of my second child. But no one has. So now, I’m starting to wonder if perhaps it’s just me, and maybe I need therapy to prevent doing all kinds of [Read More...]

Virtuous Pla.net!!!!!!!!!

I have a surprise for you! A new website! An awesome, incredible, unbelievable new website! It’s called Virtuous Planet, and you can visit it here. Today is the kick-off day, so there isn’t a whole lot up yet, but when we get going it is going to be the stuff of which internet dreams are [Read More...]


One of the benefits of the Ogre and I being apart for six weeks is that we have neither the time nor the inclination to fight at the moment. We often find ourselves fighting when we are back around both our families for any length of time. I have many theories on why this is, [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Ah, bliss. A Friday with my Ogre. We spent the day writing, reading, ticking our children, eating leftover pasta carbonara, and cuddling. I’m also pulling for a Battlestar Galactica marathon tonight, but the Ogre wants to watch a new show called The Unit. We’ll see who wins. All in all, I’m as happy as a [Read More...]