I’m Certain I Shall Be Dead By Morning

I have to confess something rather embarrassing. I am a total hypochondriac, aided and abetted beyond all bounds of common sense by WebMD. Yesterday I woke up feeling like I had a cold, and by evening I was certain that I had bronchitis, again. I’m still certain that I have bronchitis again, and expect to [Read More...]

Read Ye, Read Ye

In all my year as a Catholic blogger, how is it that I have missed Acts of the Apostasy? I cannot say. But tonight, after the vigilant Archbolds pointed me in this blog’s direction, I read a post that, after a shitty day, made me snort wine up my nose and then cry into a [Read More...]

When Transcendence Doesn’t Happen

I really thought Charlotte’s Thanksgiving vomiting would be a one-time thing. I thought it was brought on by an excess of excitement and mashed potatoes. I thought we would spend Friday resting, and by Saturday the children would be well enough for us to drop off with the grandparents so that the Ogre and I [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Thanksgiving is over. I am recovering by chugging coffee and mindlessly trolling the internet. In approximately 1.5 hours I will put on Christmas music, bake banana bread (sans walnuts, since I now live in fear of potential allergens) and wake my husband up with a cheery smile. But right now I’m throwing dry Kix at [Read More...]


In the last month, lots of my facebook friends have taken to posting something new that they are grateful for each day. This little game has annoyed the hell out of me, for no good reason at all actually. But today, seeing as how it’s a day in which we gather to give thanks for [Read More...]

Nothing Says “Road Trip” Like Anaphylaxis

Think I’m spotty now? You should have seen me before the epinephrine Ho-leeee crap. I’ve momentarily suspended my hatred of the “multiple vowel-typing in order to convey appropriate drawing-out of syllable for dramatic effect” blogging practice in order to convey just how stunned I still am by the events that transpired yesterday afternoon. Remember how [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Yay, yay, yay, it’s Friday! The Friday before Thanksgiving! I love this weekend already and it just started. Tonight my mom and I are going to have an epic Doctor Who marathon, tomorrow is Sasha Feroce’s monthly dinner party, Sunday morning the kids and I are loading up with my parents and driving to Austin [Read More...]

Remembering Jerry (Re-run)

I’ll be back later today for quick takes, but as today is the twelfth anniversary of the bonfire collapse, I thought it appropriate to re-run this. Prayers for my little brother, an Aggie freshman, and the entire A&M; community would be much appreciated.  Eleven years ago today, I woke up at 5:30 in the morning, [Read More...]


I almost burned my brother-in-law and sister-in-law’s house down last night. It’s my turn to make the meals this week, something I look forward to with great excitement. I adore cooking, and one of the things I miss the most about having my own house is being able to cook. So yesterday I spent nearly [Read More...]

The Difference Between “Its” and “It’s”

Or, Please Don’t Be an Ass-Hat in My Comment Box So earlier, just as I was on my way to my first-ever Creighton session (more about that tomorrow), my Tardis notification sound wailed on my phone, alerting me to a new email. It was a blog comment. I glanced at the title, “Anonymous…[Barefoot and Pregnant] [Read More...]