7 Quick Takes Friday!

Well, tonight is the night. The night that I am cooking the Ogre’s favorite meal, Poulet au Porto (colloquially known as flaming chicken) in honor of his last weekend with us. The night in which his entire family will gather, sans his sommelier brother who, naturally, has to work, for the last time before he [Read More...]

Waltzing Matilda, Sweat and Charlotte Screaming Once Again

Just now, as I was signing into my blog, I noticed that it is the 21st of June and I have only 11 posts up this month. I am feeling properly ashamed of myself for being such a finicky blogger this month. This week is the last week that the Ogre will be with us [Read More...]


I’m not proud of what I am about to do. But desperate times call for stuffing one’s pride down a deep, dark hole and begging. The first night of our jewelry show did not go well. On the one hand, nearly every person who came bought something. But on the other hand…only about ten people [Read More...]

The One in Which I Am Not Pregnant

Warning, boys. This one’s for the ladies. Unless you’re the supportive husband of an NFP-using wife and talk of lady business doesn’t make you uncomfortable.  Yesterday, I grimly marched out to my parent’s garage, ripped open a white box marked “toiletries,” yanked out a black bag, unzipped it, and pulled out the pink stick of [Read More...]

Bound Together

Lo and behold, after my last post, in which I briefly mentioned my engagement and then said I would save that story for when Betty Beguiles asked for it, she asked for it! Which is very timely, since after an excess of poker and a perfect amount of vodka last night my head is hurting [Read More...]

Sunday Smorgasbord

Well, since I missed quick takes this week I thought I would dust off an old habit and do a Sunday Smorgasbord. It seems that things are finally beginning to settle into place around here, so my posting should return back to normal this week. I hope. We have a prayer routine that we go [Read More...]

The Road Trip from Hell, Part II

In which a cosmopolitan never tasted so good. Although it felt like the back side of a century, our little misadventure into Oh-shit-ville really only took about an hour and a half. I waited until I was securely within the city limits of Albuquerque to get gas, bringing us perilously close to running out on the [Read More...]


If it is at all humanly possible to be back later to finish my road trip story, I promise to, but right now I have to show you something that I’m so excited about. A few days ago, my incredible sister-in-law Emily, who just happens to be a professional photographer, and her friend, who just [Read More...]

The Road Trip from Hell, Part One

In which the Ogre is stricken with plague and I find myself in a horror movie.  Okay. I finally feel mentally and emotionally prepared enough to re-visit the worst. road. trip. ever., in order to share it with you. Where did we leave off? Ah, yes, with my road trip quick takes. So there we [Read More...]

There and Back Again

The three of us before leaving for Las Vegas Three years ago, the Ogre and I drove from Colleyville, TX to Las Vegas, NV. We were bright-eyed and freshly scrubbed, full of enthusiasm for the next adventure life would bring us. We knew that we were leaving all our family, all our friends, and a [Read More...]