The Peace of Christ is Real

Between packing, moving, and getting settled in Texas, I’m going to be extremely busy this week and next, so I’ve asked a few of my best blogging buddies to pinch-hit for me. This first guest post is brought to you by the irrepressible Dwija of House Unseen, Life Unscripted.  If you haven’t made it over [Read More...]

Someone Else’s Child

Today is the day of the Rapture. Oh, yes. Domenico Bettinelli is hoping for the rapture just to end all the lame rapture jokes, but I for one am gleefully enjoying them. Is it because, not so long ago, I was among the number that anxiously watched for signs of the impending apocalypse, all while [Read More...]

7 Quick Takes Friday!

Ah, sweet, glorious Friday. Our last Friday here in the desert, in fact. After I got Sienna ready for her last day of school, I stared out the window for a little while as I sipped my coffee and thought…I’m really gonna miss this place. Not like I missed Texas, mind you. Texas is my [Read More...]


Yesterday, Sienna did a spectacular face-plant off her scooter onto the concrete parking lot. The Ogre hustled her upstairs, where he immediately got some ice on her already swelling cheek. A few minutes later, I left off chopping shallots for dinner to wash and inspect her face. We were in the bathroom and I was [Read More...]

Sometimes Mondays Happen

and you’re totally unprepared for them. Sometimes you stayed up way too late hanging out with friends, drinking gin and tonics, letting your kids watch Jimmy Neutron on repeat, and then watching Aliens with your husband because you just couldn’t rest until you saw Sigourney Weaver being her pre-butch, badass self. Sometimes you wake up [Read More...]

I Love My Husband

I just love my Ogre. I really do. Sure, he picks on me and teases me and endlessly laughs at my romance with chocolate, but he is such a gem of a guy. On Friday, I woke up feeling awful. I’ve had either some sort of lingering, evil cold or (weirdly, for the desert) pretty [Read More...]

7 Damn You, Blogger! Takes Friday

Holy gods of the internet, ye have failed us miserable bloggers. Big time. In case any of you happened across my little blog yesterday and noticed that posts were being randomly taken down, put up, taken down again, and then put back up in the wrong order with all the comments missing, never fear. I [Read More...]

A Matter of Business

I still haven’t heard back from Housewifespice, the giveaway winner. If any of you know this blogger, could you please notify her that she’s won? If I don’t hear from her by Saturday morning, I’ll choose a new winner from the remaining entries. Thanks, guys! [Read more...]

On Self-Control

(photo source) As it happens, I’ve been doing a bit of ruminating lately on the virtue of temperance. I know that I wrote a post earlier this year about resolving to cultivate temperance in 2011, but so far, I haven’t made it as much a priority as I ought. It isn’t that I’ve ignored it [Read More...]

Giveaway Winner Announced!

I loved all your answers so much. In the end, I couldn’t make the decision for myself, so I had my daughter blindly pick a number. Then, thinking that that method might perhaps be unfair, I wrote all the numbers down, cut them out, folded them up, stuck them in a hat and had her [Read More...]