Pagan Fiction Authors Takeover!

Pagan Takeover Lineup

Today is the big day!  What do these fantastic authors have in common?  They are all fiction writers, and they are all Pagans!  Some of them are better known for their Pagan non-fiction, some for their fiction, and some are up-and-comers.  Hang out with us and learn about what who we are and what we write; get sneak peaks at upcoming projects; and even sign up for a giveaway or two!  It all starts at 8 am!

"This is the Second place I've seen that Ms. Fortune worked With Crowley - WRONG! ..."

The Magical Battle of Britain
"Glad the idea is spreading! Thanks for letting me know!"

Wicca: A Syncretic Faith
"In Heron Michelle's post Entitled "A Case for Astrological Timing of the Sabbats" she writes, ..."

Wicca: A Syncretic Faith

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