Hey everyone! I’m bringing back my popular web series Sit for a Spell! This time I’m starting with a charm to get a job and simple charms to bring success! I’m going to transcribe each of these videos for the hearing impaired; the transcription of Episode 22 is featured below, and I’ll include the link to each transcription in future Patheos articles, which will be linked in the video description. Enjoy! Sit for a Spell Episode 22: Get a Job… Read more

Bullying is a terrible thing.  I was bullied as a child. I was an odd duck of a kid who didn’t always know how to behave in public because I grew up with an emotionally-distant father and a mother with untreated bipolar disorder who couldn’t get the medical establishment to help her. Besides that, I was a clever kid who was really book-smart and terrible at coordinated sports. It was a classic nerd situation, and my peers made me suffer… Read more

Life and death. The two poles in a magnet. The seed in the swirl of each other’s energy. As soon as we’re born, we’re dying. As soon as we die, we’re waiting to be reborn.  For me, Wicca has always been about that balance. This week has been a marvelous illustration of how that works. I turned 43 today. At 43 I’m officially past the big four-oh, as they say. I have noticed the changes of time in myself the… Read more

I’ve been trying to devote myself to my choice of secular career. I worried about it.  I wondered if I was failing at my duties as a sworn Priestess. Read more

Tapestry, a respected CBC Radio show on religion in Canada, features Wicca on the show. To my knowledge, this is the first time they have. Read more

I had the pleasure of being asked to be a guest host on the Pagan Musings Podcast, so that we could interview Sarah Buhrman about her new book!  It felt really good to be flexing my podcaster chops again! Speaking of which, I’m starting a new podcast in December: #SpecWomenChat will be all about women who write speculative fiction.  I’ll be featuring both indie and traditionally-published women* authors of SFF fiction, some of whom you’ll have heard of, some of… Read more

Fluffy Bunny by Sarah Buhrman My rating: 5 of 5 stars I received an Advanced Reading Copy in exchange for a fair review. I enjoyed Too Wyrd, the first book in this series, thoroughly (see my review here) so I couldn’t wait to get my hands on book 2. I think it’s fair to say I was primed to enjoy it, but fearful that I wouldn’t like it as much as I liked the first one. There was nothing to… Read more

Some of you may remember a few years ago that Pagan articles on Wikipedia kept disappearing. Turns out that this was not an accident. And much of the damage remains, or is getting worse. Read more

I wanted to share that Water is speaking right now to any who are listening! This morning I logged on Twitter, and I found the hashtag #BecauseofWater.  Yesterday there was a walk at the Great Lakes, led by indigenous women of the area. I can’t say things any better than Grandmother Kim Wheatley has said it, so I urge you to listen to her speak. Nga-zhchigemi onji Nibi | We will do it #BecauseOfWater Read more

I have a Witch’s message to share. I’m talking to the Pagans and any sympathetic spiritual paths who care to listen. The spirits of Water in North America are angry. This is what I believe they’ve asked us to do about it. Read more

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