October 22, 2018

Since we’re both published authors, Lilith and I thought we would share a little bit about our experience and observations of the Pagan publishing field in particular, and publishing and writing in general. Check it out! Read more

October 15, 2018

Activism and Paganism seem to go hand-in-hand lately, and a lot has been happening within the Pagan community. Lilith Dorsey of Voodoo Universe and I discuss protesting, being protested, activism, protection magick, and internal and external politics. Read more

October 8, 2018

In this episode, Lilith Dorsey of Voodoo Universe and I discuss the details of how marriage and handfasting rituals work in our traditions. We found we had an amazing amount in common. Read more

October 4, 2018

Recently I discovered a concept in science fiction, attributed to William Gibson, called “semiotic ghosts.” To me, they were talking about were egregores. But how can we as magicians utilize this concept? Read more

October 1, 2018

What is Drawing Down the Moon? What is a cheval? Is hosting a divine spirit different from trance channeling? How does it all really work? What happens? On Witchcraft & Voodoo, let Lilith Dorsey of Voodoo Universe and I tell you about it! Read more

September 27, 2018

An article from Broadly in 2016 has been circulating on Pagan Twitter over the past few days about how apparently, real witches are getting pissed off because divination apps exist. I cannot think of a more ridiculous tempest-in-a-teapot.  Technopagans have been calling themselves that since at least the 90s. Read more

September 22, 2018

I said the following, and you may quote me: I think that people who criticize how other people choose to celebrate the Sabbats have both too much time on their hands and an overinflated sense of their own importance. Read more

September 20, 2018

Hi there! I’m doing a fall Patreon drive and giveaway! Get a chance to win one of my books by joining my Patreon and convincing others to join! (Plus all the cool Patreon rewards I give away every month!) No minimum level required; it all enters you in the giveaway! Here’s the details (more info in the video description.) You can find the link to sign up for the Rafflecopter draw here. Good luck! Contest runs until September 30! Read more

September 17, 2018

Here’s an episode of Witchcraft & Voodoo you haven’t seen yet. This one is about the sacred music of our traditions, and their influence on popular culture and popular music. Read more

September 10, 2018

Here’s an episode of Sit for a Spell you haven’t seen yet. This one is on distance healing. Read more

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