(Video) #30days30authors For today’s challenge, I did something outside of my comfort zone. I went to an event I’d never gone to before and did a lot of different things in front of people I didn’t know. Read more

(Video) #30days30authors I’m doing a challenge with other indie fiction authors to be more active on our social media! Part of the challenge involves making live Facebook videos. Read more

I was terrified of learning to drive. But eventually, I had no choice but to learn. This is my journey of everyday courage for ordinary people. Read more

Why all the hullabaloo about Wonder Woman? Why is this movie such a big deal? Why has it become, as a writer who’s opinion I respect has put it, “a feminist hill to die on?” And why did it matter so much to me? Here’s how I found holy communion in a modern myth. Read more

The writing life can be crazy sometimes! But if you want to join the insanity, a Pagan Fiction Anthology is looking for submissions. Read more

Right wing writers in the media are framing the debate, forcing us to argue about the whichness of the why. They present the reaction as if it’s an attack on “free speech,” instead of allowing us to talk about the things that the alt-right is saying, and the way in which they deliberately provoke reaction. Read more

They say that truth is stranger than fiction. But it seems to me that lately, truth has become the dystopian fiction that sci-fi writers warned us about. Read more

I was on the Pagan Musings Podcast last night to talk about my new book. And I’m doing a charity event to raise money for premature babies and autism awareness tomorrow evening, and it continues on Wednesday as well. Here are some links to take you there. Read more

As a new indie fiction author, I’m opting OUT of Digital Rights Management. Here’s why. Read more

What do these fantastic authors have in common? They are all fiction writers, and they are all Pagans! Read more

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