Finally, Archaeological Proof– Goliath Got Stoned

Thanks to my alert colleague Lawson Stone for dredging this up from hoary antiquity.

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  • Nathan B.

    We’re actually covering 1 Sam 17 in Hebrew with Dr. Stone! He will be disappointed to know that his lecture materials that he presented today on the size of the stones used in slings have been archaeologically proven to be off the mark.

    Oh well. That’s the life of a scholar.

  • Nathan B.

    Though, it is ironic I must say that his name is Stone. You’d think of all things he would’ve gotten this one right.

  • Quiddity

    The Weekly World News is a reliable newspaper that is shockingly dismissed by ivory-tower professors with all their fancy-pants “education” and book learnin’. And they got pictures, too!

  • Graham Veale

    Surely you means “theys got pitchers”?

  • ben witherington

    This picture gives me a goliath of a headache. I’m just sayin’


  • Joshua Wooden

    Dr. Witherington,
    I’m not familiar with your blog, so forgive- are you speaking tongue-in-cheek or are being serious. I’m not referring to your comment, but the title of the post: “Finally, Archaeological Proof– Goliath Got Stoned”.

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  • Sam

    Personally, I BELIEVE that all things written in God’s Holy Scriptures is true and all things lead to the cross. Thank you Jesus because by you death and becoming sin for ALL mankind it was all finished there at Golgotha and we are saved and forgiven for all eternity. THANK YOU AND PRAISE YOU JESUS and I am personally I am looking forward to seeing you face to face. SJM

  • Mary Thompson

    This is so incredible and I can only imagine what this Giant really looked like…he still seems to have a sardonic grin….so convinced that he was invincible. But, that does look like “a smooth stone” too that young David got out of a nearby brook. It’s all just like the Bible says…..