The Duality Personality Quiz for Christians


You learn a lot about yourself when you are forced to make choices, and there are only two choices.  The following test is meant to be a non-scientific diagnostic test with a pop culture and Christian orientation.   You should be playing in your head the ‘You can give me this, or you can give me that, but please give me this, for this is where’s it at— do da dippity’ Kia commercial, whilst taking this test.   Remember, no fair not choosing or choosing both.    Analysis to follow later.   BW3

1)        West Wing  or  Lost  as  a TV guilty pleasure

2)      Beatles or Rolling Stones as a classic rock favorite.

3)      Coffee or tea as one’s breakfast drink of choice

4)      Hamburgers or  hot dogs as one’s junk food delight

5)      American football  or the whole rest of the world’s ‘football’ as a favorite game to watch

6)      New York or  Boston as a favorite city to visit

7)      New York or Boston as a favorite city  to live in

8)      Spring in North Carolina or Fall in New England as a favorite season

9)      Salt or pepper as a favorite seasoning

10)   Matt Damon or  Leonardo di Caprio as a favorite young actor

11)   Meryl Streep or  Helen Mirren as a favorite older actress

12)   Citizen Kane or  Gone with the Wind as a favorite classic film

13)    The Matrix (Part One)  or  Inception as a favorite mind-bending thriller

14)   C. S Lewis or  J.R.R. Tolkien as a favorite fantasy writer

15)   Bach or Beethoven as a favorite classical composer

16)   Worship or Bible study as a favorite spiritual formation activity

17)   Petra or Ephesus as a favorite Biblical site to visit.

18)   Jogging or swimming as a favorite form of exercise.

19)   Children or parents as favorite people to talk to.

20)   Praise music or classic hymns as your favorite worship music

21)    NIV or  ESV  as a favorite Bible translation

22)   Smartphone or Blackberry as favorite mobile device.

23)   Chocolate or cookies as a favorite ‘light’ dessert.

24)   Eating out or cooking in as a way of obtaining comfort food.

25)   Adultery or racial hatred as a more serious sin.

26)   Riding in a train or riding in a plane.

27)   True Grit (John Wayne version)  or  True Grit (Jeff Bridges version)

28)   Cooking shows or travel shows.

29)   Basketball or baseball (Commonwealth participants may choose cricket as baseball substitute) as a game to play.

30)     New Testament or Old Testament as a favorite read.

31)   Reading Gospels or Reading Paul as a better way to understand the meaning of Jesus

32)     Easter or Christmas as a favorite  Christian holiday

33)    Snowy Vermont or Rainy south Florida as a better place to spend winter.

34)   Apostasy or once saved always saved as a more Biblical notion.

35)   Visiting Hawaii or visiting Italy as a dream vacation.

36)   Meeting the Pope or meeting Billy Graham as more desired encounter.

37)   Coke Zero or Pepsi Max.

38)    Sherlock Holmes or  Hercule Poirot as a favorite detective.

39)    Toy Story 3 or Despicable Me as a better kid’s movie.

40)   Steak or shrimp as a better main course.

41)   World Cup or Olympics as a more exciting sporting event to watch.

42)   Democracy or benevolent Monarchy as a more efficient form of government.

43)   Democracy or benevolent Monarch as a more Biblical form of government.

44)   Mountains or beaches as a favorite summer vacation.

45)   Prayer or fasting as a better way to get close to God.

46)   Elijah or Moses as a favorite OT figure.

47)   Peter or Paul as a favorite NT figure.

48)   Heaven or the new heaven and new earth as a most longed for destination.

49)   Resurrection or immortality of the soul as a more Biblical concept.

50)   The Trinity or the death and resurrection of Jesus as a more important theological reality.

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