On the Road with Jesus

As some of you already know,  last May I took the whole month to do hi def filming in the lands of the Bible.   The goal was to produce introductory level books with a DVD to help lay people and entry level college and seminary students get a sense of the context of the ministry of Jesus, Paul, and other early Christians.    I am pleased to announce that probably about time for Easter, the first On the Road with Jesus book and DVD will be out and will be just as reasonably priced as the Revelation and the Endtimes  DVD which has now sold out any number of times  (3,000 sales in the first three months it was available).  My suggestion to you is here is perfect entry level Bible study or Sunday school or small group material.  You show the DVD segment,  you do a chapter per session with the segment,  and lots of profitable learning will ensue.    In view of the sales of the previous item,  you might want to pre-order this for the Easter or Pentecost seasons.  Later in the spring, I will give you a sample.

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