After the fall of Zion

And its temple left in dust

The faith became Word centered

No priests left to trust.

After the fall of Rome

The unholy dominion arose

Leading to lethal crusades

Disguised in ecclesial clothes

After the fall of Auschwitz

And the brutal revelations

The myth of the master race

Unmasked as abomination

After the hurricane winds

And the waters receded within

The calm revealed calamity

The levees didn’t hold, again.

After disaster’s revelations

About the nature of humankind

‘Basically good’ can’t describe us

Unless we are totally blind.

We all have sinned

And fallen short of glory

And only divine intervention

Can completely change this story.

If you place your trust in people

You’ll always be disappointed

Better rely on Someone else

Or his only Anointed.


2  21 2011

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