'How Is the Weather Up There?– Stanley Clarke's Global Warming Song

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  • Marilyn Rozelle

    Was this piece made before or after the “science” behind the global warming scare was discredited? My husband, who is a retired scientist, couldn’t believe the “fudging” that went on with the data. Besides, after the cold winter that we in the north have endured, it is hard to get excited about the so-called “global warming”! Honestly, Ben, I think that this propaganda piece is a bit late!

  • http://www.benwitherington.com ben witherington

    Maryilyn my wife is also a scientist, and climate change is beyond dispute frankly. It’s not a question of warming or cooling in a particular region, its about climate change. I don’t care what you call it, its real. I’ve been to the Sawyer Glacier and I’ve been to the islands south of Australia, and there is little doubt about climate change. The issue is how much is man made. I would say, a large amount.

    Ben W.

  • Krissi

    Well, that was definitely strange.

    Also, since I haven’t read much about it, I would be interested in knowing what you have to say about the whole discrediting issue that happened sometime ago. What exactly was “fudged” and what do scientists say about global warming now?

  • Nadiya-Shashadara Dasa

    You are a perfect example of the diversity in Christ. I love your exposition of the Bible, your faith, and how you are always working to glorify Christ. But I think we disagree on basically everything else :) . I cringe when I read you on many issues like this. And then I read the next article and am reminded that in Christ a wacky libertarian from India who loves all the US Bill of Rights and amendments and thinks Global warming lobby is the biggest threat to prosperity in the country of my youth, can love one who is often on the complete other end of those things. Glory to Christ in who we are together in all things that matter.

  • bob

    Ha ha … I gotta ‘amen’ Nadiya.
    Oh, well, I guess no one’s perfect like me.

    I don’t know how things are in India, but in the US the weathermen have a pretty tough time predicting what’s going to happen in my neighborhood tomorrow … much less world-wide over the next several years.

    But it’s a funny argument to watch – as long as we don’t start harming people in an effort to cool down a planet while thinking we know more than we do.

    perhaps a bit more humility would do us all some good

  • Marilyn Rozelle

    My husband didn’t want to believe it, either when it first came out that these scientists used only the results that lined up with their hypotheses and threw out any other results. Then they did not fully share what they had found so that others could not verify their findings. They blocked papers from journals and interfered with peer review. What have you heard from Al Gore lately? He is in hiding and in disgrace. Cap and Trade is dead or should be. It was a hoax from the beginning with scientists being paid for certain results. Disgraceful.

  • Marilyn Rozelle

    This gives “hockey stick” a bad name.


    Honestly, Ben, my husband suggested that I give up, which I will do. I was terribly mislead after attending your seminar years ago. I have enjoyed your posts and photos from the lands of the Bible. In these other political areas, though, you certainly are entitled to your opinion (and it is your blog!). Blessings on you, your wife, and children. I’m sitting here shaking my head in disbelief.

  • http://www.frostmartinhazel.org Hazel

    There’s no such thing as “independent” science because it’s all funded by someone, and that someone usually has a vested interest in the results… find me a piece of research by, say, a dairy company that didn’t find that milk is good for you (to give a stupid example). I currently live in a bit of the world where traditional peoples used to know within a few days of what dates they were expecting rain in any given year, and now they don’t, and the desert is green, and the green is a desert. Climate change is definitely a reality. The jury is probably still out on its causes and effects. Personally I have my opinions, and even if I’m wrong, it’s hard to see why trying a bit harder to look after the creation we’ve been given would be such a bad plan… by and large what is good for the planet seems mostly to be good for people too. I find it difficult to interpret “have dominion over” as meaning “go ahead and trash it as you see fit”.

  • AHH

    A good (Christian) source people can consult on this is the John Ray Initiative in the UK:

    Despite a lot of propaganda efforts, there has been no genuine “discrediting” any more than the smoking/cancer link has been discredited. The famous hacked emails did show some scientists behaving like humans, falling short of ethical perfection. But the science itself stands despite the imperfection of human scientists.
    It is a shame that this issue has gotten so wrapped up into the “culture wars” that many Christians, as part of swallowing a wider “conservative” package, end up denying this serious challenge to the health of God’s creation which we are called to steward.

  • Thorn

    AHH, the JRI’s Sir John Houghton has some great videos on YouTube, explaining the science behind global warming. He doesn’t get much coverage in the US media, but I’ve respected his work for years. I’m glad you reminded me of his organization.

    It never fails to amaze me, how much to the extreme people will have to go, to deny anthropogenic global warming’s existence. Not only do they discredit the century-plus work of climate science, they must believe in a complete massive conspiracy of climatologists everywhere. Sad that a good number of Christians in the US, fall for such drivel.

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