Feelin' Snug, at Snug Harbor

Here we are at the entrance to the Snug Harbor Jazz club.  You will notice I have had too much good cajun and creole and French food this past week. You will also notice that the concert is sold out….. and I’m on the front row :)    Yeah. You will also notice from the picture immediately here to the left just how tiny the venue is.  If it holds even 100 people I’d be entirely surprised.  Note as well the vibes and the piano supported by a fine bass player and drummer.   The Marsalis family includes— a pianist (Ellis the Father),  a drummer/vibes player  (Jason, the youngest),  a trumpeter(Wynton)  a sax player (Branford), a trombonist  (Delfeayo), in short an entire jazz orchestra.    What an amazing family.     After the hour and a half concert in the smallest venue I have ever been in. And afterwards,  Jason and Ellis very kindly signed my favorite CD of theirs.   But first a Mardi Gras picture—- this is one infinitely partying town.

  • RickC

    Wynton isn’t too bad as a classical trumpet player either! Ive long had his London, England classical performance CD. A true performance master piece.

    I’m envious Doc of this gig u just attended, wish I could have been there.

    Watched a small bit of the Harry Connick Jr. performance at Carnegie last night on PBS! So good. It’s always an extreme delight to watch the masters perform.

  • http://www.benwitherington.com ben witherington

    I’m with you Rick, and nothing beats live and in person.


  • http://www.stonecall.com Samuel

    After reading your last post, I purchased Twelve’s It. Love it. I’ve got to visit Snug the next time I’m in ‘Nawlins….

  • Bart

    Which one of the Marsalis clan is that dressed up in the furry pink outfit?

  • http://www.benwitherington.com ben witherington

    Didn’t you recognize me? I look marvelous in pink.


  • http://www.oscarsflickpicks.com Oscar

    Wow! What a treat! I love Wynton and Branford and have some of their recordings. Wish I was there…