Truro Church— and Mosby's Raiders!

Here is an assortment of shots from my time at Truro Church in Fairfax Va.   The silver tree is actually next to the National Gallery in D.C. but I couldn’t get it into the last post.   The shot of Civil War soldiers is of Mosby’s Raiders at the Fairfax Courthouse barely a block from Truro Church.  If you look at the main sanctuary picture below and just to the right of it you will see  the William Gunnell house where, the story goes,  General Stanton of the Union army was sleeping one night, when John Mosby slipped into the house and captured the general and 30 horses.   Abraham Lincoln is reported to have quipped “I can make a new general with the stroke of a pen, but I shall badly miss those 30 horses.”   The pictures here are of the small chapel and its interior where I preached the early service last Sunday  (7:30), and of the main sanctuary and interior where I preached the other three services.   The Gunnell was once the parish house or vicarage, and today it serves as offices.

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