Love is All You Need, Says the World

Whether you agree with Rob Bell or not on the subject of whether Love Wins in the end in every case,   it seems undeniable to me that “what the world needs now,  is love sweet love….”   as Dionne Warwick used to sing.    Here is a moving worldwide tribute to the Beatles’ classic song.

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  • Kwesi Adarkwa

    Thanks, Ben! Love is indeed what the world needs. I’ve been struggling myself with the God question because I cannot see a loving God who would be compatible with the current views of salvation and damnation.

    Here’s a question, though – what’s the purpose of evangelization? ‘Go out and teach the world’. What purpose does that serve? How are we to understand this in light of Bell’s views? And what did Jesus mean when he instructed his disciples to shake the dust off their feet when someone refused, saying judgment would come upon them?

    Thanks for being salt and light, Ben!

  • ben witherington

    Kwesi the world is dark, dank, dangerous, and definitely in need of rescuing. If you love someone, said Sting, set them free. It is about freeing the world so they can know and love God as they were always intended to do.


  • Cathy

    Thanks Ben! But how do we define Love; what is it really and how do we learn to distinguish it from an emotional feeling or equating it with “liking” someone so I’ll be “nice” to them. Shouldn’t we all want to learn more about “how to really love others” ? In doing so, we learn more about Gods love for us. It’s good news to know that Love is something we can learn, not just guess about! Join our discussion at


  • Kwesi Adarkwa

    Thanks for the reply, Ben! One more question (and I beg your indulgence) – how about the God in the OT? I struggle to see how he fits here. The God who kills one for attempting to balance the ark of the covenant, or commands the killing of babies and entire nations? I struggle to reconcile this God with that of the NT God. How do you see this? (Hint: Perhaps I’d like you to do a post on this at some point (please?), but a short answer for me will suffice here. :D)

  • terry fry

    Nice tribute. But as Larry Norman once wrote/sang…”The beatles said all we need is love/Then they broke up”. God’s love isn’t selfish, it’s selfless. In a world that’s thinks of itself to often that’s hard……

  • aaron

    Is it just me or is it infuriating that starbucks wont contribute to aids in africa unless you get someone else to watch their commercial or go to their website?

  • Bart

    If these videos were recorded around the world at precisely 1:30 GMT, why is it daylight in France and the United States and nighttime in South Korea? Maybe the tape editor meant 13:30 GMT.

  • Jeremiah

    Nice video. Cool concept!
    Thanks for posting Ben!


  • Meltem Ciftci

    Thank you for sharing Ben .Thanks for reminding over and over.) Blessings.