'Love Wins'— The Fallout Begins

In what may be the first of many such repercussions a United Methodist minister in my home conference (North Carolina) has been reassigned after having posted a blog post supporting the argument about Hell in Rob Bell’s Love Wins. The Rev. Chad Holtz, a student pastor finishing his degree at Duke Divinity School, was not fired or dismissed by  Bishop Gwinn, but he was asked to leave by the congregation of Morrow’s Chapel in Henderson N.C. after violating an agreement with the congregation by posting a blog post on Bell’s book on his personal blog.   There had been issues before in regard to several of his other blog posts during his 3 years at the church, and this was apparently the straw that broke the camel’s back.

You can find the whole story at www.umc.org. Look for the  March 25th article by Heather Hahn.

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