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Forward Thinking on ‘Reading Backwards’– The Interview Part 3
Forward Thinking on “Reading Backwards”– Part Five
Forward Thinking on ‘Reading Backwards’– The Interview, Part 2
Man Shoveling Snow in Lexington while Break Dancing
  • graham veale

    It reminds me of my 12v2 class.

    If I can ask a totally unrelated question, have you seen this article Dr Witherington?

    At first glance it sounds as if the BBC are over-hyping the significance of the find. It would obviously provide wonderful insight into the history of the first 150 years of the Church. But the fact that it is a codice, and that it seems to quote Revelation, indicates that it is later than Paul’s letters and the Synoptic Gospels (at the very least!)
    There are also issues about provenance.
    The BBC report seems to imply that this document could fill in the blanks between Jesus’ ministry and the letters of Paul. I’d love that to be the case – who wouldn’t? – but it just doesn’t sound as if this is what the codice would reveal.


  • graham veale

    I’ve just noticed Larry Hurtado’s response: seems I’m in good company!