Lead Codices about Jesus— the Latter Years?

There are always claims being made about the supposed latest amazing discovery of game changing and epic making archaeological objects.  One of the most recent are the initial claims being noised about in the news about some lead codices apparently found in northern Jordan by a Bedouin (who else?)  who now lives in Galilee.   Here is a link to an article by a BBC writer on the find—–

http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-middle-east-12888421         Sanity and caution are advised but Philip Davies emeritus professor from Sheffield says he has seen one of the leaves of these bound lead codices and it has an image of Jerusalem complete with picture of Jesus’ empty  tomb!   (And conveniently coming to light just in time for Easter).   As you can tell I think extreme caution must be taken, and many authenticating tests must be done, before we can pronounce the benediction on these being: 1) first century texts in paleo-Hebrew and code;  2) being Christian texts, and 3) being about Jesus’ later years.    Here is a link to a sane first take by Larry  Hurtado—–


Stay tuned.  Things may soon get interesting.

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