BW3 at the Lanier Theological Library

So I was just checking out the remarkable and new Lanier Theological Library with my friends  Marlin and Edward when along came Mark Lanier himself,  the famous legal beagle of Houston, and we started chatting and the next thing I knew I was embarking on something I have never done before—– signing copies of every single book I’ve ever written all at once.  Well, actually there were a couple or three missing, but here is the visual proof it happened.  You can see the stack of books in front of me.     You know you’re old when somebody can fill up a whole coffee table with your books.

  • Robert

    Lanier is a great thing. Amazing what a dedicated layman can accumulate and provide for God’s Kingdom.

    I am glad it is so close to us in Houston. Looking forward to seeing your signature in the texts next time I’m there.

  • MWT


    What do you think of Edward Fudge’s view of Hell (i.e, annihilism)? He’s an attorney at Lanier I believe.


  • Ben Witherington

    I think he makes a good case for anihilationism. I’m not fully convinced, but it is possible he is right.


  • Ron

    The library is awesome. The church I serve is just 5 minutes away. When were you here?

  • RickC

    Thank you Doc for being the light to the world you are! The greatest of all human gifts any person can have and be is to have a friend that chooses to walk a ‘God toward’ life of Grace. I’m sure you are that way for many. God gives each of us our relationships and the absolute best way to be in those relationships is light. Nothing else will do.

  • ben witherington

    I was there last Monday.