The Lanier Library and Stone Chapel (and Cotswold Cottage)

On my trip to Houston, from which I just returned,  I had occasion to visit Mark Lanier’s  brainchild— a little Christian enclave consisting of a fine research library (modeled, as he told me on various Oxfordian libraries) a beautiful Orthodox style stone chapel, and a Cotswoldian style cottage for scholar’s in residence to stay in.  With my sabbatical coming up next year,  I volunteered to be scholar in residence for a bit.   Mark Lanier is an interesting guy—- said to be one of the top 10-12 most influential lawyers in America (he has his own firm), and a deeply committed Christian person who wanted to do something special for Christians who care about serious study of the Bible.   Among other things, he has  Sunday school class of over 600 people he teaches each week at a local Baptist church.  And he has a deep interest in Evangelical scholarship especially.    Here are some pictures from my recent foray in Houston—-

Here is Brother Lanier and myself in his magnificent new library (still being finished).

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