New Article on the Historical Jesus

The author of the article interviewed several scholars, including your truly.   Check it out.

Forward Thinking on ‘Reading Backwards’– The Interview Part 3
Finding Jesus— Begins Sunday Night at 9 P.M. on CNN
Forward Thinking on ‘Reading Backwards’– The Interview Part 4
Forward Thinking on ‘Reading Backwards’– The Interview Part 5
  • Cristian

    Hey BW3,
    I had some questions regarding the Holy Spirit. I have been trying to figure out the Holy Spirits role in our lives. I mean I just don’t understand how the Holy Spirit is dwelling in our lives. And how we as Christians bound to the New Covenant have a permanent dwelling of the Holy Spirit and the Old Covenant believers had a temporary dwelling of the Holy Spirit. Why did David say to God, “Don’t take away the Holy Spirit”. Psalm 51.11. What would the difference have been in David’s life if God ended up taking away the Holy Spirit? What would have happened to David? Please email me at
    Thank you brother.

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