The China Doll

The china doll perched, perilous, upon the fireplace ledge

Her beauty unquestionable,  but pale  and with an edge

Her outlook seemed serene,  surveying her domain

As if there were no challenges, no  antagonists remained.

Shining bright in morning light, no equals met her gaze

She glimpsed an unimpeded path to always brighter days

Yet watching dark and dangerous, a creature lurked below

Silently he stalked her, ignoring her ‘no’.

The leap on high took seconds,

The fall was just as quick

The china doll came crashing down

The dust rose up quite thick.

The labor of the artist destroyed forever more

A thousand tiny pieces lay scattered on the floor

The cat, with devilish grin, now surveyed her domain

Seeing the havoc she had wreaked, and counting it as gain.

Beauty, like art, is fragile

And easily undone

Molded in a myriad of minutes

Destroyed in less than one.

Were beauty truth we’d all be lost,

For none would long endure,

Thank God that truth’s more durable

And so much more secure.

For Yuliya     April 10 2011

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