Re-Kindled Interest in the Art West Thrillers!

O.K. you Kindle dudes,  there is now available a Kindle edition of all three of our Art West thrillers, with the fourth one,   Corinthian Leather on the way to the press soon.     Here is the link to the Kindle editions on Amazon.      Read away and catch up before the 4th one comes out.  Art West is counting on you.

  • Ben Witherington

    Hi Drewe:

    The issue is not the tangible asset but the cost of the intellectual property, which doesn’t come free, but I agree that that price is a bit steep perhaps.


  • drewe

    Ben – my comment is more about the price difference between print and digital, and how often it is very little (or in some cases, not yours, nothing at all!). The cost to print books (as you know) is terribly expensive. Add in the logistics of moving, storing, moving, selling and moving again, and there is significant outlay, not to mention it all being up front, sometimes 6 months in advance of the first sale the printing costs need to be available. Almost all of this cost (and risk) is alleviated in digital.

    I have no issue paying for the time it took someone to write a book – my concern is the middle men fleecing the buyers for something that in effect is almost nothing. I am sure you are receiving less than half of what they are charging, so someone is making good on your talent and my wallet….

    Apologies for the whine, it is just a general complaint!


  • John Leek

    I’m with drewe. I suspect the additional profit from the digital version that is saved from production and distribution costs is not passed along to the author. The book price should reflect the cost of paying the author, paying the appropriate fee to the publisher and a small fee to amazon; that altogether should be significantly less than the printed cost.

  • John Leek

    It appears I may have spoken/typed too soon. I checked the site and there is a significant price difference for the Kindle version. (Just reflecting a beef I’ve had with other books.)

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