Final Thoughts

At the end of the day

When the shadows fall

And your guard is down

And you hear sleep call

Will you give a thought

To what you’ve done,

And what you should have

Under the Son.

Will you tell the truth

As the night closes in

And admit your failings

Admit your sin.

Or will you just roll over

Let the moment pass

Assume all’s well

Close your eyes at last.

When you say yours prayers

And turn off your brain

Are your final thoughts

About loss and gain?

And what of your family

And your friends near by

And those who need you

And those who cry.

It’s said that Asbury

Prayed through the night

Named all the circuits

Named his preachers just right.

He cared more for them

Than his own repose

And sought the Almighty

To intervene for those

Who sacrificed their lives

Their livelihood too

To take up their crosses

And follow you.

Have we all grown lazy

Lackadasical too

Should our faith fall asleep

When  we’re weary through and through?

Doubtless God can do it

Without our prayers

But he’s given us the privilege

To be instruments of care.

To be agents of blessing

To be agents of change

To be emissaries of mercy

In a world dark and strange

Forgive us Lord

For our very feeble words

As if you weren’t listening

Or nothing would be heard.

Forgive us for thinking

It doesn’t matter at all

As if it’s pre-determined

Without our efforts however small.

I remember the prayer

Of a child far away,

Who longed for her parents

Didn’t know what to say.

So she lifted up her hands

In a war torn zone

And an angel of mercy

Saw her there all alone.

She ran down the road

Wearing only her skin

Thinking  she was abandoned

And her life at an end.

But then came a helper

To answer her prayer

And took her to safety

Found clothes for her there.

Who knows just how much

God has chosen  to use

Our hands and feet

To bring succor and good news?

Who can say it was pointless

Who knows it can’t save?

Not a single one of us,

Whether thoughtless or brave.

So as the night closes in,

And it’s time for last thoughts

Have a care and a prayer

For those that we ought

To remember and bless

As we lay down to sleep

And ask the Almighty

Our tired souls to keep.

‘Don’t  grow weary in well-doing’

Don’t give up the ghost

Who knows if your last words,

Will not be used by Him most?


Poem for Mother’s Day

May 8, 2011

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