Sherlock the Dragon!

My elves in Hobbiton have been busy, and so has Peter Jackson.  First of all Evangeline Lilly (aka Kate from LOST fame) has been cast to play a sylvan elf, though Jackson has warned there will be no romantic twist with Legolas (aka Orlando Bloom)— darn!    Secondly the much praised Benedict Cumberbatch  (you have to be good with a name like that) who plays Sherlock Holmes on the new Sherlock series on the BBC, has been cast as…….wait for it…… Smaug!    I can imagine Sherlock having dragon breath, but being a full-fledged dragon…….welll.     Barry Humphries will be playing the Goblin King in a motion capture suit like Andy Serkis who plays Gollum.

Jackson confirmed that the first round of filming is complete, and they are now looking at various new locations.   Stay tuned!

  • Graham Veale

    Have you watched Cumberbatch as the new “Sherlock”, Dr Witherington? Martin Freeman co-stars as Dr John Watson. Excellent stuff. They’ve a wonderful chemistry.

    And Sherlock’s confrontation with Moriarty – that alone is worth the price of the DVD…

  • Graham Veale

    And yes, that is “Bilbo” Freeman acting Dr Watson.

  • Kenny Johnson

    The new Sherlock is fantastic. It’s on Netflix streaming right now.

  • ben witherington

    I liked the first season of Sherlock and am waiting for the second season to come out on DVD.

  • graham veale

    And can Americans cope watching a London that doesn’t have Bobbies in funny hats and red double-decker buses?

  • graham veale

    And no Dame Judi Dench either – I mean, that’s got to be confusing for y’all…

  • Mac Sandlin

    Cumberbatch as Smaug is brilliant casting. Casting anyone as a romantic interest for a character who ought not even be in the story, however, is terrible shame.

  • ben witherington

    Graham you sure have a blinkered notion of us Yanks. Most of us have been to the U.K., and blokes like me have lived there off and on for the better part of six years. An awful lot of us have gone to the West End and seen theater, and we do get various BBC TV channels over here as well. So, no…. we are hardly confused when Helen Mirren or Judi Dench does not appear.


  • C W Smith

    While I am a long time Sherlockian and am pleased that Cumberbatch’s beautiful voice will be Tolkein’s dragon, as this is a Christian site, I would like to point out that if the readers have not seen him in “Van Gogh: In His Own Words”, they are truely missing a special experience.

    Benedict Cumberbatch may be a few years younger in the BBC presentation but the beauty of his performance poised with Vincent’s paintings as well as the artist’s letters (that are used as dialog) is heart wrenching. I am aware that one of this man’s best known acting abilities is that he can weep on cue but to watch him as the character, Vincent, is being locked away from his paints and canvas will break your heart. Van Gogh’s tragic illness struggling against his faith and his love of God flows through the words of the play with the true elegance of this gifted actor.

    I look foreward to future projects from Cumberbatch.

  • Graham Veale

    Dr Witherington

    My comments weren’t aimed at you. Obviously, I know that you have connections with Durham (which is heaven on earth) and St Andrews. They aren’t aimed at any one in particular.

    I was really just joking about the way in which Britain is usually portrayed in American and English televison. Our obsession with costume dramas, for example. That the North East of England is rarely represented. That Ireland and Scotland only exist for nationalists to challenge English rule. And so forth. It’s a product of our obsession with heritage (as opposed to history. Arguably we’ve little time for academic history, because it challenges how the heritage industry represents the past.)

    So given the usual representation of England in general, and London in particular, in movies and TV programmes aimed at an American market the BBC took something of a risk in moving Sherlock into 21st century London. They also made a bold decision by refusing to cast a recognisable thespian to play Moriarty.

    The Beeb broke the “Harry Potter” formula (luvvies speaking the very proper Queens English in key roles & the comfy England of Wodehouse = Commercial Success). I was just wondering if it this had paid off in the American market….

    Apologies for sounding offensive, in any case


  • Graham Veale

    I hope that I didn’t sound like a condescending Englishman. That would be unforgiveable. Because I’m a condescending Ulsterman and we hate it when folks mix us up!


  • Graham Veale

    CW Smith

    Thank you for the pointer…I’d missed that performance.


  • Ben Witherington

    No worries Graham, and as an Ulsterman you must be celebrating young Rory’s roaring at the U.S. Open. What a magical performance that was. BW3

  • Graham Veale

    Thanks Dr Witherington
    With G Mac and Rory Mac we now rule the world.

    I’m told that some of Northern Ireland’s golf courses are world class. So it will be interesting to see if “Norn Iron” can keep producing world class golfers.