Top Twenty Five Best Reviewed Summer Blockbusters

THE BEST REVIEWED SUMMER MOVIES OF THE LAST 40 YEARS.    This list can be found on Rotten Tomatoes site.  It is interesting in various ways.  I have seen all these movies except one (can you guess which one I missed) and I understand why the critics liked the vast majority of them.  You will notice that many of them are children’s movies or animated features, or movies that required a lot of CG or special effects.  You will also notice that Avatar (quite rightly) doesn’t come close to making the cut.  All these movies got a rating of 90% fresh or better, mostly better.    See what you think.   They are listed from most well received down starting with 1).

1)      E.T.

2)      UP

3)      Toy Story III

4)      Alien (1979)

5)      Aliens (1986)

6)      Star Wars Episode V—Empire Strikes Back

7)      Jaws

8)      Wall-E

9)      The Dark Knight (2008)

10)   Finding Nemo

11)   Airplane!

12)   Star Trek (2009 reboot)

13)   Ratatouille

14)   Back to the Future

15)   Risky Business

16)   Apollo 13

17)   Iron Man (2008)

18)   Who Framed Roger Rabbit

19)   Star Wars Episode IV

20)   Terminator II—Judgment Day

21)   The Truman Show

22)   Big

23)   The Bourne Ultimatum

24)   Chicken Run

25)   Unforgiven

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