Images of Turkey— Part One

Here is a selection of images from Gobeckli Tepe I the first four)  the Urfa museum (including the oldest statue of a man from about 9,800 B.C. from the Urfa area)  images of ‘eye gods’  (from which the God’s eye idea may have come),  a picture of the beehive residences in Abraham’s Haran,  then four pictures from beautiful Istanbul including the Galata Tower, and the Fenerbache championship flag flying there.

Man Shoveling Snow in Lexington while Break Dancing
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  • Eric Sawyer

    Good morning Ben.
    Excuse my giggle but my first thought looking at your first image was ‘Now that’s a big turkey!’
    What kind of stone was used for the statue of the green man? He seems to be naked but for a necklace, or is that a v-neck?
    The eye-God statuettes do look like one of the robots from Star Wars. Beedee beedee. ;) My son said, ‘It looks like R2D2, or Wall-e’ I don’t know, they look a bit like a child’s impression of the family poultry. Was this particular image one that recurred in earlier times, or could it have been the case of mistaking a hen and it’s chicks for a God and it’s pantheon of gods?

  • ben witherington

    The Green man is actually whitish gray. He probably has on ceremonial garb for a priest. Those are indeed talismans of eye gods as well. It does recur a good deal.


  • RickC

    How God THE Creator came up with the idea of the camel is beyond me but it seems to work. And furthermore it seems to be of a magnificent, timeless, multipurpose design of unparalleled excellence and functionality. I’m not sure which is more beautiful, a lovely Rose, a beautiful night sky or a camel! :)

    Have a good one Doc. W. Thank you much for sharing! Great site you’ve got here!

  • RickC

    By THE way, if you’re interested in one factor that might have been a contributing factor in the downfall of the mighty Roman Empire, here’s one quite interesting article that discusses it. I’m not an Roman Historian proper, wish that I were though. Zoonotic diseases probably played a big role in the health and wealth of the Roman Empire. And even in the NT and ANE it is pretty obvious in reading the text that they weren’t exactly the healthiest of societies nor is our modern American Society!

  • reasonable

    Hi Ben,

    May I know that is the name of the music played on this blog? I like it and hope to get it too :)

    Thank you

  • Eric Sawyer

    You can hear music?

  • Quiddity

    Always enjoy these photos of the areas surrounding the Levant that show artifacts from waaaaaay back in time.