Images of Turkey– Part Two

In this post we have panoramic shots from Ani,  Ararat, and from the area of the Pasha’s Palace near Ararat as well.   Notice the crosses on the walls of Ani  and the detailed Armenian inscription over the door of one of the churches at Ani.

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  • RickC

    Say Doc, if you need a semi professional camera man I’ll be glad to do the job for you as long as it’s still photography. Haven’t picked up videography just yet. I keep a packed bag ready for the go. These are some truly wonderful and beautiful views you’ve recorded. The mountain range you photographed is almost a twin image of the north-south Sandia Mountain Range just a few minutes east of Albuquerque, New Mexico. The two are extraordinarily similar in appearance. There is nothing more beautiful than a lovely spring evening sunset on the west side of the Sandia’s. The colors are just beautiful.

  • abercrombie Milano

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