More Images from Turkey

There are many spectacular sights to see in Turkey, as its natural beauty is off the chart, but its museums are quite good as well. There are about 100 public and a 100 private museums in Turkey, and I have barely scratched the surface.    The mountains and waterfalls and flowers are hard to beat.

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  • Eric Sawyer

    Pyramid-Sphinx-Computer, interesting. Museum of Modern Art?

  • PLTK

    I would agree–Turkey is a lovely country. We spent five weeks there some 10 years ago and would love the opportunity to visit again. What started as planned jaunt around Turkey and parts of central Europe ended up being just a Turkey trip as we found so many things of interest there we decided to spend the whole trip exploring a beautiful part of the world that is full of incredible history.

  • Carole

    Thank you for all the gorgeous pictures & info.Hopefully one day I will be able to visit that part of the world.My spouse, a pilot, spent some time in Turkey in the early 1980′s while in the AF.Unfortunately the only spectacular sights he remembers is flying the Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders around to the various bases!

  • Emlyn

    We’re on holiday in Turkey just now, our second visit. It really does bring Acts and the epistles alive – yesterday we were at Laodicea and Hierapolis. At the same time it is a salutary reminder of the fragility of churches. Philip Jenkins wrote that although much has been written about how churches grow, much less has been written about how they die.