More Images from Turkey

Iznik tiles are wonderful, and one of Turkey’s real contributions to art and artisan culture that becomes part of home decor. Below you will also find a cylindrical marble column carved out of a single huge block of variegated marble. It has almost a grey-green line interspersed in it.  Note the hole in the bottom.  These sorts of columns were mounted on metal poles of a sort so they would stay permanently upright. The statue is at the entrance to the Trabzon museum, which is a small museum, which has only one floor of archaeological artifacts. Here is a case of portable scribal kits— for quill pens and there is a little inkwell at the end, from Ottoman times.

One of my favorite icons of the baptism of Jesus by John.   Who knew it was in the Trabzon museum. Notice the ornate Msulim pulpit, which appears to be handcarved wood. The Trabzon museum does have a fine collection of small glass perfume bottles from antiquity.  In an age before deoderant, this was the way the smell or sweat was masked. We have a picture of a Turkish folk musician playing an instrument rather like a dulcimer.   And the last picture— me with my foot in the Black Sea.  I did not leave it there long as there were various small round jellyfish floating by and also some nice sized soft shelled crabs.   Hope your visual tour through these various posts has been a Turkish delight.

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