Pepperdine University— a City Set on a Hill

Jesus said, a city set on a hill cannot be hid.  The same is true of a university like Pepperdine, a beautiful  Church of Christ school on the Pacific coast.     It is ranked 53rd in the nation in Best school lists, costs $53,000 a year to attend (tuition, fees, room and board— tuition and fees alone is $39,000), has about 3,400 students, and has schools of law, public policy, education, as well as a variety of undergraduate degrees. The religion department is not large, but has quality faculty and students.   They are extremely gracious and hospitable hosts, and oh yes, besides students wandering the campus, there are deer as well (see below).    Here are a few more shots of the school where the Christian Scholars Conference was held the week of June 15th. Frankly I don’t see how you get much scholarly work done in a beautiful place like this.  You just want to be outside soaking up the beauty and grandeur of the view and nature in general in a place like this.   But what do I know?   Anyway, a good time was had by all at Pepperdine.

  • Jeremiah Duomai

    $ 53,000 a year is a lot. That’s 2.35 million Indian rupees. Are private schools like that normally?

  • Carole

    Yes, private schools can be that costly & some are probably even more expensive. As beautiful physically as that campus is, I would question, given the unbeautiful views of the CoC on the role & status of women, how female students, if any, are treated.

  • Jeremiah Duomai

    In India a fresh University Asst. Prof takes home around 35,000 rupees as monthly salary. That’s the same for a young doctor and an engineer as well as. So a middle class Indian family won’t be able to send their children for higher studies in the US if that’s the pattern.

    Here in India, whether it’s Social Science or Humanities or Engineering or Management Government institutions are always the best ones. And except for Managament studies it’s very cheap. Annual fee for Social Science and Humanities in top university like Delhi Univ, it’s normally 3000-7000 rupees. It’s even cheaper in Jawaharlal Nehru Univ. Normally it is those who cannot get admission in Govt funded institution who go to private school/Univ. Though there are some who don’t want to travel to Govt’s ones due to distance. Even in Medicine Govt institutions are the best, except that we have Christian Medical College (CMC), one in North and another in South. And both the CMCs are also very cheap to study.

  • ben witherington

    Hi Jeremiah: The cost at Pepperdine is much higher than in many Christian schools here in the U.S. but then California is very expensive in general.

    Carole I understand your lament and feel your pain. The good news is, there are many C of C scholars who support women in ministry.