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  • Oscar

    From the last paragraph of the article: “Mr. Williams, the pastor in Cullman, signed the letter but is less confrontational than some of his fellow ministers. For one thing, he thinks the church needs to be careful on how it speaks.

    “I don’t think that the church can stand up and say a particular law is Christian or not,” he said. Still, he said, he has told his ministers to keep doing what they are doing, including the church’s active Hispanic ministry, whether the law is upheld or not. ”

    Before we get all “righteous” about a law we have to see how it pans out, how it REALLY affects people, otherwise it is just hysterics. MLK did not rail against theory, he stood against reality. Let the politicians and the courts hash this out first lest we become tools of either political side.

  • Ben Witherington

    Oscar I think this is wise advice on the whole. I would say that if the law raises huge red flags from the outset, then one is right to be wary, and watching carefully and critically to see how it pans out. In the case of the Arizona law, I think the jury has probably cleared its throat and is ready to speak—- its not a good law.