Unearthing a Goliath of a City


  • http://bwsixteen.wordpress.com/ BW16

    Thanks for sharing this fascinating article Dr Ben!
    I just wanted to alert you and your readers to my new blog at http://bwsixteen.wordpress.com/
    I look forward to continuing our conversation of objective queer Bible criticism.
    Warmest blessings,

  • http://www.benwitherington.com ben

    Hi BW16

    Whoever you may be, you have now successfully crossed a line you shouldn’t cross. Using the cover image of my Mark commentary to promote a supposed new commentary series by you (I am assuming you are joking of course. No one produces 16 commentaries a year) is a violation of copyright, and Eerdmans will not be amused. I suggest you create your own image and remove the other one, post haste.

    And while I am at it, if you really have the courage of your convictions about queer studies, then there is no reason for you to hide behind a parody of me, especially with that image of me superimposed on Pope Benedict. If you want people to take you seriously then you will have to do better than mere satire and sarcasm. You will also have to use your real name.

    Ben Witherington

  • http://bwsixteen.wordpress.com/ BW16

    Thanks, BW3, for the heads up.
    The last thing I want is to get sued by Eerdman’s, so I have redesigned the book cover so as to avoid any infringement of copyright. Thanks for also recognizing that I “crossed the line.” Indeed, that is the primary intention of objective queer Bible criticism.
    Kind regards,

  • Julian

    Doth thy intrusion a snark make? If so, why not try to come up with some authentic covers of your own? Surely, that would be a more productive use of time, instead of incensing sholars who have earned their credentials? Cheapskate blogging.

  • Graham Veale

    Oh, dear! Sometimes it’s not nice to find out that you were right about someone.
    A friend, Dr David Glass of the University of Ulster, and I are working on an apologetics project investigating this sort of scepticism (among other things). This short article is a very brief, rough and ready introduction to aggressive scepticism.


    I do have to say that BW16 represents a rather extreme form of the “movement”. But I could spot similarities between his “mischief making” and comments on a number of atheistic and sceptical blogs.

    Graham Veale

  • Dan2

    Aggressive scepticism? Really? I don’t get the impression that BW16 is an atheist… He appears to be attempting dialogue, emulation, mixed in with a bit of humor for entertainment’s sake. If anything, I would say that you G. Veale appear to be the aggressive one.

  • DaveC

    It rather seems like mocking to me.

  • Graham Veale

    Oh, I’m more than happy to be wrong. I’d be extremely happy to be wrong! It is easy to pick people up the wrong way on a blog. If BW16 is legit it won’t do any harm to warn him that he sounds a lot like the “satirists” that I’ve experienced. And there are rather underhanded ways of undermining dialogue on blogs.
    In all honesty, I think that this is why it’s important to clearly identify yourself on a blog where you’ll be disagreeing with people. It keeps you accountable, and means that other people can vouch for you.
    If I’ve caused unneccessary offence, obviously I apologise.

  • Graham Veale

    (I’ve kept to my word and never returned to the other thread, even to read it.. but if the blog host, who is a very gracious man, spells a rat, then I think I owe him some loyalty, and trust his judgment to some extent. More than happy to be wrong, and I don’t feel aggression to people that I’ve never met. Like I said, apologies where they are due.

  • Jonathan

    An Old saying in regards to BW16: “Don’t wrestle with a pig, because you just get muddy and the pig likes it.” (Pig, in reference to the animal. Not slang for ……….anything.)

  • David

    I quite enjoyed his spin on things. Come on guys… have a sense of humor! :-P

  • Graham Veale

    I’ve been accused of many things, but never of having a sense of humour. My goodness…the Banner of Truth would never let me into a conference again!

    I suggest that we leave this to Dr Witherington to sort out. It’s his blog, and he knows what we feel and who supports him.


  • Graham Veale

    he also has our emails if he needs to investigate!

  • Graham Veale III

    Indeed he does!
    Did you read BW16′s post on objectivity? It kinda made sense… I would love for BW3 to write a response post.

  • Graham Veale

    Okay, I am not Graham Veale III. BW16 just gave the game away.

  • Graham Veale

    Tell you what dan2/graham vealeIII/BW16. I assume that your message is that you can impersonate me here and elsewhere.
    So I’ll stop commenting here, and elsewhere.

    I’m a bit busy with a web-site/apologetics project and I can’t afford this sort of distraction. So you win.