Why Doctoral Students Can't Get no Satisfaction!

Behold the Scrolling Drones of Duke Divinity School…….

Vocal (Mick Jagger):  Joel Marcus, Professor of NT

Lead guitar (Keith Richards): Richard Hays, Dean and Professor of NT

Rhythm guitar (Ron Wood?): Norman Wirzba, Research Professor of Theology, Ecology, and Rural Life…not sure what was the inspiration for the hat….

Drums (Charlie Watts):  Lori Baron, doctoral student in NT.

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  • http://bwsixteen.wordpress.com BW16

    Great costumes! Glad to see them out and proud.

  • Pat Pope

    Don’t give up your day jobs, Docs. :)

  • Ben Witherington

    Alas BW16, Tie Dyed shirts and such paraphenalia were the stock and trade of macho heavy metal rockers and hippies in the 60s who were definitely not cool with gay love.


  • Sarah Harris

    Echoes of scripture that I’ve not heard before!

  • DaveC

    Maybe that’s why I never went for my Doctorate!

    Thanks for the great, funny video.

  • dan

    Lord, help us all!