'A Week in the Life of Corinth'

Have you ever wanted to take an imaginary journey back to Paul’s Corinth for a week?  Well you now have a chance to do so through the eyes of Nicanor, a freedman of Erastos, who has quite the adventuresome week.     This new novella with full closer look explanations of the social setting to fill out the picture, will be out next summer courtesy of InterVarsity Press.  A good time will be had by all.


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  • Dieter

    New York City in the first century.
    What has changed? Have people become better with knowledge and enlightenment?
    I put the book on my reading list.

  • Anonymous

    It is true there were a lot of the same ethical issues in Corinth as in modern cities today, especially port cities with a lot of temporary inhabitants. On the other hand, there are lots of differences, as you will discover when you read this book.

  • shaunmorton

    In the meantime, any recommendations on commentaries on 1/2 Corinthians?

  • shaunmorton

    …other than your own of course.