Rob Bell is Leaving Mars Hill

Rob Bell is leaving Mars Hill for ‘broader’ forms of ministry. We will find out in due course what that means. Here is the link to the CT article announcing this….

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  • Jackson Baer

    Blessings to Rob and the people at Mars Hill. I enjoy his books and nooma videos and pray He shares the Good News with many people.

  • Bart Breen

    You’re in a ‘broader’ form of ministry aren’t you sir?

    What does that mean for you and why should Rob Bell be any different?

  • Anonymous

    Actually no Bart. For one thing I am a person under appointment of a bishop. I serve at a seminary, but I also teach and preach in a local Methodist Church. Anytime the bishop needs me elsewhere, I will go. Rob Bell is not under appointment by anybody, and he has no accountability to anyone who could be called his elder or overseer in the Lord. Broader form of ministry for him appears to mean he is simply going to be on the lecture circuit or doing special events. For me, it means an appointment beyond the local church in service to the local church. BW3