A Classic(al) Welcome to the Jungle


Kudos to James Foster for finding this……

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  • http://endlesslyrestless.wordpress.com/ Les Hutchinson

    Always brings a smile to my face. They do great versions of Smooth Criminal, Viva la Vida, and AC/DC’s Highway to Hell inter alia. Very entertaining!

  • Betty

    Not sure why we would celebrate two admitedly very gifted musicians who made their debut tv appearance on Ellen De. . . and are touring with Elton John and play this type of music?

  • Anonymous

    Hi Betty: You have to be able to distinguish between appreciating the music and whatever may or may not be the musician’s behavior. If you didn’t make such distinctions, Christians would be deprived of some of the greatest music ever by Beethoven, Mozart etc. The endorsement of music does not, and should not be assumed to imply, the endorsement of any or all behaviors by the musicians.

  • Betty

    Hello Ben – thank you for your response. Setting behaviors aside, it sounds as though you may be suggesting that music was not affected by the Fall. I’ve had discussions about this and am not convinced. I’m not sure Smooth Criminal, and Highway to Hell, in any rendition, should be “very entertaining” for those who are in Christ Jesus? I’m not lumping all “classics” in that category. I don’t see these as “classical” just because they are being rendered by cellos. I find this whole area of music quite thought-provoking!

  • Anonymous

    Betty these two cellists are playing instrumentals!!! No lyrics at all. If it is the lyrics you object to, fine. I agree some of the lyrics are not edifying, but in the case of this performance they are irrelevant. As for music being affected by the Fall, that would be true of all music, including church and praise music. If you don’t sift the wheat from the chaff, then you have no music, no culture at all. And the Bible is pretty clear about what we should do— anything that is noble or excellent or of good report etc. we should affirm as Paul tells us in Philippians.

  • Brad Johnson

    An overlooked feature of the clip is the incredible videography. Reminds me of the DVD made of U2′s Elevation tour in Boston.

  • http://twitter.com/aquatiki Robert Murphy

    Fantastic! 2Cellos owes you a commission: I’m buying the CD right now!