Seven Principles for the Seventh

Kudos to Bob Todd for this.

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  • Fullvoicetenor

    Hi Dr Ben
    At first I was excited because I thought this was about seventh chords! But despite that initial disappointment, great post. Incidentally, I just read Is There a Dr in the House. Excellent book. And to give my “testimony,” I am 44 yrs old, been preaching for 21 yrs, and even though I got an M.A. in theology, I did very little with languages in grad school. Now I am more aware then ever of the need for skill in the original language, and I am trying to relearn NT Greek, and then tackle Hebrew. It was a lot easier to learn at 21 than it is at 44! So I would encourage all young students of the word to realize the importance of learning the languages, and doing so from the very beginning.